Friday, March 1, 2013

the month by iPhone: February 2013

two months into the year already?! what?!

I only posted three times in February...soon I hope to be posting more!

here are some of my 300+ photos from this month (should/could have been way more, but I've been pretty bad about taking pictures lately).

from the filming. it was so crazy to have a bunch of cameras, cords, and lights everywhere!

hand-blown glass pendant lamp in my aunt's office

love this artwork at my aunt & uncle's house

random findings

so in love with this journal

six cigar box guitars in the lobby. typical day in my world.

my manager told me to make this label for a file folder! I love my job.

this is Greg. he's pretty awesome. yet another reason I love my job? things like this happen. ps you can tell we live in Wisconsin due to the PBR haha. & that's a cigar box amp I think!

roses from my sister for Valentine's Day.

it's hard to read, but it says "these cookies are not --> chicken" (there was a "chicken not cookies" one too, I guess.) those musicians...gotta love 'em!

Valentine's flowers from my dad

three kinds of Oreos that I want to try (thanks for the temptation, Target)

at my baby cousin's house! (socks from Target, they were on clearance for 30% off)

OPI's "Meep-Meep-Meep" - it's actually more sparkly in person. a week later, and still minimal wear! I used Sally Hansen's clear nail polish as a base coat and a top coat, and there are three layers of color in between.

musicians + Jameson = shenanigans. you've been warned. (also, isn't the 50 mL bottle super adorable?!)

bedside. car manual, books/journals, and a cute pen!

I love mail. but pretty mail is the best mail!

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