Friday, July 31, 2015

around the web :: 31.7.2015

there are lots of BuzzFeed discoveries from a lazy Saturday morning. (:

I realized that lately the only posts I've been posting are the weekly 365 photo posts and these around the web posts (along with monthly NatureBox and Instagram posts), and I would really love to blog more about random things, but it's just been so crazy lately and this summer has certainly flown by. I know that August will slow things down a little bit though (at the very end), and I hope to get in some other posts before then.

Lake Michigan - Wednesday 29 July 2015

one of my favorite blogs to follow is The Dainty Squid. I always love seeing her photography (especially travel and abandoned buildings), and she always has such fun things in her Friday favorites posts! I love these skeleton kitchen gloves Kaylah shared last week!

Frenchie fabric!!! I am so in love!!!

I love this pouch more than I should.

I really do love Picasso's sketches, so I found a lot of these tattoos to be beautiful. the Bouquet of Peace one is my favorite.

we have to wait until Christmas to see this movie?!

well, we all know about my love for Disney princesses, but I can't get over these illustrations!


I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I really want one of these necklaces!

Emojis IRL.

my birthday is in just over a week, and I would love this peridot print!

ModCloth picks of the week

this gold star mug screams my name, but I don't need (or have space for) any more mugs. this burgundy pleated skirt would look great in my closet. ahh! this cassette notebook! these booties are cute. if I had a flask, it would be this camera-shaped one.


Thursday, July 30, 2015

30/52 2015

life never slows down, does it? time is so weird. there are times when it just seems to drag on and on, but then you look back and see how fast it really flew by. I don't get it, and I probably never will.

Thursday 23 July // day two hundred fourteen :: Anna now lives in this purse.

Friday 24 July // day two hundred fifteen :: a peek into my closet.

Saturday 25 July // day two hundred sixteen :: bluejays are really loud.

Sunday 26 July // day two hundred seventeen :: a dresser that needs to be dusted.

Monday 27 July // day two hundred eighteen :: I was going to go take pictures, but then it was too hot. though I did walk two and a half miles in the morning when it was about 82, and that wasn't the best idea.

Tuesday 28 July // day two hundred nineteen :: yesterday's library haul: 21 books.

Wednesday 29 July // day two hundred twenty :: I didn't have much to do, so I ended up driving around for a while listening to music. I stopped at the boat launch and just enjoyed the sunshine and the waves for about an hour. it was really really windy!


Friday, July 24, 2015

around the web :: 24.7.2015

I don't have too much to share today, but here it is anyway. I went out for a drive on Wednesday evening and took this picture of this old house. I just love old/abandoned buildings.

have you heard of Whine About It? I literally watched the first eleven episodes on Monday and laughed so hard!

I bought my first maxi dress! I got this one for half off at Target, and my favorite part is the crochet lace racerback.

Henna is so beautiful, and this video is really fun.

how can you not love Aziz Ansari?

Google does cool things!

this navy skirt from ModCloth is simple and pretty.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

29/52 2015

this summer sure is flying right by... it's been pretty busy for me, but I managed to sneak in a couple drives to just drive - and take a few pictures.

World Market shopping tote

Thursday 16 July // day two hundred seven :: I bought this bag at World Market, after wanting to buy it last summer and then I finally saw it there again!

charcoal Converse All Stars

Friday 17 July // day two hundred eight :: Converse of the day. (:

raspberry Converse All Stars Yankee Candle vanilla cupcake

Saturday 18 July // day two hundred nine :: new car air freshener + Converse of the day.

Crosley vintage dial phone

Sunday 19 July // day two hundred ten :: doing a little room photography.

celery flower
celery rainbow fish preschool craft

Monday 20 July // day two hundred eleven :: I was cutting celery for a project for my summer preschool class, and I realized at the end that it looked like a flower! directions for our rainbow fish can be found here.

Tuesday 21 July // day two hundred twelve :: farm week!

Wednesday 22 July // day two hundred thirteen :: took a drive for some photos after getting done at the Y (:


Friday, July 17, 2015

around the web 17.7.2015

this penguin being scared of the water is just the cutest!

I never really got to watch a lot of the Office, but this is perfect.

Nick Offerman's Pizza Farm! (the girl at the end would totally be me)

after two weeks on vacation, Late Night with Seth Meyers had some news to catch up on, and they did it to the tune of We Didn't Start the Fire!

ModCloth picks of the week

these coasters are gorgeous. I love fun socks and skulls, so these red socks and black socks are great! do I have a tulle skirt problem? yes, I want them all, and right now this black one caught my eye. I'm pretty sure I've shared this peacock feather scarf before, but I just really love it! I also love accordion skirts, and I would love to own this navy one.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

28/52 2015

another busy week over here. I love having most Wednesdays off though, so I can go and do something if I need to. I ended up driving down to Appleton to try to find a dress for my birthday, but I had no luck. oh well, I still picked something out from Rent the Runway! (:

Thursday 9 July // day two hundred :: the view from where I take a lot of pictures...

Friday 10 July // day two hundred one :: just hanging out...

Saturday 11 July // day two hundred two :: writing mail.

Sunday 12 July // day two hundred three :: those things I need to remember.

Sturgeon Bay Door County Wisconsin Quarry County Park limestone

Monday 13 July // day two hundred four :: went to the quarry today! the limestone there is 500 million years old.

Tuesday 14 July // day two hundred five :: things to bring and the shoes I wasn't going to wear. (I had to wear shorts and sandals because the kids were swimming.)

Wednesday 15 July // day two hundred six :: outfit of the day. my father asked if I was going to a funeral or a dance...


Tuesday, July 14, 2015

NatureBox :: July 2015

Another month, another box of great snacks from NatureBox!

black and white granola :: I first had this one back in March 2014, and it's still one of my favorites! I just really really love chocolate granola.

It’s just about time for your early afternoon cup of coffee. You brew a fresh, medium-bodied pot and pour it into your favorite mug with a splash of almond milk. The perky treat isn’t complete without snacking on a scoop of this granola. Rolled oats are flavored with sweet cocoa, light vanilla and floral spice from a pinch of cardamom.

sweet & simple berry nut mix :: I can't say I was too impressed by this one. It does smell like blueberries, but I think that they just taste like cranberries. Along with the cranberries, it was just cashews and almonds, so it really wasn't that special.

These cranberries taste like blueberries! We infused tart cranberries with natural blueberry flavor for just the right hint of sweetness. Cashews and almonds provide a clean, simple crunch for the purist in you. Nosh on these before your next trail run or take them with you to refuel during a long hike.

sweet kettle crunch :: I love both these peanuts and Sea Salt Pop Pops, so I knew that I would love this. I was just disappointed that there were more peanuts than popcorn, and I think it would be better if it was more of a 50/50.

We start each carefully handcrafted batch by gently combining dry-roasted peanuts, sugar and sweet cream butter in a copper kettle over an open flame. Then we add Sea Salt Pop Pops for a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Whether you’re tailgating or hitting the trails, our Sweet Kettle Crunch is sure to satisfy.

honey bbq crunch :: Yes! I loved this one too, just as I knew I would. It's the perfect blend of nuts and pretzels with a great sweet bbq flavor.

A little bit salty, a little bit sweet, and a whole lotta crunchy, one handful of our Honey BBQ Crunch represents the ultimate blend of flavors and textures. Honey roasted peanuts lend a perfectly sweet balance to the savory BBQ flavors in this crunchtastic blend of peanuts, pretzels and cashews.

whole wheat chocolate chip cookie bites :: Are these not the cutest little cookies? They taste good and seem healthier because of the oats and whole wheat. (:

These bite-sized chocolate chip cookies are made with rolled oats and whole-wheat flour and baked to crunchy perfection. We balanced the fiber and sugar for a perfectly delicious, satisfying cookie. Take a trip down memory lane and satisfy your sweet cravings with this spin on a classic treat.


Friday, July 10, 2015

around the web 10.7.2015

it was another busy week around here, with some fun trips with the preschoolers exploring Sturgeon Bay. (: the weather has been beautiful as well. I can deal with the 70's, but then it gets a little too hot for me!


are you still trying to figure out the hearts and stars in the new iTunes? me too, but this article helped.

this quiz testing your knowledge of the states (based on their outlines) was way harder than I thought it would be. I ended up getting 37/50 on my second try (33 the first time).

BuzzFeed tells the truth about DuoLingo (:

I love Skreened so much. here's a shirt that I need. also this one.

I need this unicorn.

ModCloth picks of the week

this skirt is so pretty! I would love to use these pencils with these notecards. we all know how much I love tulle skirts like this one! if this shirt was black with white, I would totally buy it. I love this green peacock feather scarf. this plum dress is quite classic and pretty.


Thursday, July 9, 2015

27/52 2015

I feel like every week I just talk about how time is flying by, but that's really how it has been lately! it was a fun weekend getting to see some friends from out of town in between all of the craziness lately!

Thursday 2 July // day one hundred ninety-three :: ah, July.

Friday 3 July // day one hundred ninety-four :: I got some great mail the day before from Social Print Studio! (: this is now hanging in my kitchen, and the Jameson has still yet to be opened. haha.

Saturday 4 July // day one hundred ninety-five :: I love decorating my notebooks with this stickers from SPS!

Sunday 5 July // day one hundred ninety-six :: I helped out at the merch table a little bit for my friends WIFEE and the HUZz Band at the Independence Day celebration the night before, and I ended up being sent home with this bag of kettle corn because the band was given like eight bags so that the kettle corn cowboys didn't have to throw them away!

Monday 6 July // day one hundred ninety-seven :: running errands. Burt's Bees & Frozen Lip Smackers from Target + some books for camp!

Tuesday 7 July // day one hundred ninety-eight :: Frozen Lip Smackers!!! (:

Wednesday 8 July // day one hundred ninety-nine :: I love seeing my name in other people's handwriting. thanks for the new cd, Bruce! (:


Friday, July 3, 2015

around the web 3.7.2015

it's been a few weeks since I've done one of these because I was so busy that I was barely looking at the internet! so the first way I tried to catch up was by looking through pages of new things on ModCloth... (:

all the cute things!

this article brought me back to a Sunday night a couple weeks ago. whoops.

I'm looking into some more tattoo designs... (: this bee isn't for me, but it is pretty cute!

I laughed too hard looking at these comics about America (;

ModCloth picks of the Week

ah! I love this pretty blue dress, this beautiful black dress, and another blue dress! if I needed a corkscrew, this would be the one I would buy. to this shirt I say yes. a pretty grey skirt. these feather drawer pulls are fun! this amp bento box would be perfect for any of my adult children! a mermaid salt and pepper shaker set!! I don't wear a lot of jewelry (just a pair of earrings and a ring), but I kind of want to buy myself this necklace. these drinking glasses are super pretty. if I had $200 to blow, it would be on this super pretty dress! yet another perfect dress. this feather tee is totally something I would wear. I am in love with this peacock feather scarf!


Thursday, July 2, 2015

26/52 2015

it was another crazy week as this summer continues to fly right by...

Thursday 25 June // day one hundred eighty-six :: yesterday's remains.

Friday 26 June // day one hundred eighty-seven :: !

Saturday 27 June // day one hundred eighty-eight :: breakfast for lunch. {scrambled eggs, toast, and chai latte}

Sunday 28 June // day one hundred eighty-nine :: outfit. lived in Converse are so comfortable.

Monday 29 June // day one hundred ninety :: I watched The Queen of Versailles this evening. I cannot even imagine living like that.

Tuesday 30 June // day one hundred ninety-one :: Tuesdays and Thursdays are the hardest days for pictures, because I work ten/eleven hours with not quite two and a half hours between leaving the first job and punching into the second. this apple with yogurt and granola snack is a continuous part of my life.

Wednesday 1 July // day one hundred ninety-two :: I have some pretty awesome friends, and last night was a great reminder of that.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: June 2015

I don't understand how June is over already, meaning that the year is half over! June is always a very crazy busy month, but it's also wonderful. some of my sweet friends come to visit for a week of music and fun, which always happens to be the same week that we are getting ready for camp at the Y. everything went really well with the musicians, and camp is going great as well. I even got to spend some extra time with one of the guys before he headed home.

I feel like I am just babbling, so here are some pictures.

c'est juin.

wedding season.

peeking into a vintage candy machine.

camp room prep.

temporary lobby accessory. at least I only tripped over it once.

trying to escape.

semi-twinning with my semi-twin DanO. we are incapable of taking a nice picture together.

some more camp room peeks!

{The Day the Crayons Quit // Mix It Up! // Press Here // Stuck // The Dot}

broken limbs on the poor tiger.

Geri X at the Red Room! (:

....and then four days later more Geri X in Green Bay with some friends!

Jameson from some sweet friends who know me best now (shocking them all) and a flower from the night before. <3 some say I'm twitterpating.

tourist season means that I waited about twenty minutes for a scoop of ice cream from Wilson's.

I'm not quite sure what this brown rectangular prism is... (:

taking one of my new favorite people down to the airport. sigh. they can't stay here forever. <3

Clark Lake with the littles.

life with musicians.

professional artwork hanger.

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