Wednesday, September 30, 2015

what I wore :: 30.9.2015

another week, another post of me basically wearing slightly different variations of the same outfit.

Sunday :: Mass and working at the motel.

Old Navy v-neck tee (really old) // boyfriend cardigan (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Monday :: errands and photography.

tee via Zulily // cardigan (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Monday :: gymnastics class.

YMCA summer camp tee // leggings via Zulily // Nikes

Tuesday :: going for a walk around the neighborhood, getting things done at home, working at the motel.

Hurley USC Trojans zip-up hoodie // v-neck tee (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Wednesday :: preschool classes, errands.

Fifi Lapin tee (really old, from Delia's) // cardigan (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Fifi Lapin tee (really old, from Delia's) // yoga pants (Target) // Nikes

Thursday :: preschool class, working at the motel.

v-neck tee (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse // Vera Bradley Hipster in Tutti Frutti

Friday :: working at the motel.

Steel Bridge Songfest 2015 tee // American Eagle skinny jeans // Converse

Saturday :: working at the motel.

v-neck tee (American Eagle) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

{my camera strap cover is from The Poppy Shoppe on Etsy (she has tons of super cute ones, but here's a current listing for the leopard print) // my belt is from Gap about a year ago // this mirror is from Target // this post may contain affiliate links}


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

introducing real talk Tuesdays :: on divorce

a couple weeks ago, I wrote a post on a Tuesday afternoon about some feelings that I had that day, and then yesterday, I was watching a video on BuzzFeed which made me want to write this post. so once in a while, it's going to be "real talk Tuesday" around here with some stream of consciousness posts about what is really going on in my life. I'm hoping that they won't all be angry/sad posts, but they're not going to be all completely happy, and this is your warning if you don't want to read them. this is real life and the sun isn't always shining, but there can always be beauty to see.

maybe this is going to be too personal for me to want to post, but at the same time, I also feel that there has to be someone else in the world with a similar situation, and maybe this will help them feel less alone.

thanks to this BuzzFeed video for inspiration.

this was going to be a completely different post, but then I felt uncomfortable giving out a lot of personal information about me and my family.

just because I was 19 when my parents separated doesn't mean that it doesn't affect me.

just because my father decided to walk away doesn't mean that I'm not allowed to be angry since it wasn't my marriage.

just because your parents got a divorce doesn't mean that it was the exact situation that I went through.

just because I have never been married, it doesn't mean that this won't affect me and any relationships that I may have.

were my depression and anxiety-fueled eating disorder a product of the divorce? no, but the divorce certainly didn't help them.

I am allowed to be angry.

I am allowed to be hurt.

I am allowed to have feelings, too.

everyone is entitled to have their own opinions and therefore everyone is also entitled to have their own feelings and emotions.


Monday, September 28, 2015

StitchFix :: September 2015

as much as I love StitchFix, I know that I shouldn't be getting them all of the time because, yes, they are kind of expensive and I should be spending my money on other things (or rather, saving it so I can go on vacation). however, I still try to get one about every six months, and I used a gift card that I got for my birthday for this one. like the StitchFix I received in April, I asked for all grey and black, but this time I asked for no pants.

(I totally took these pictures right after getting out of the shower because I didn't want to have to get dressed multiple times on this Saturday morning, and the light was nice enough.)

here's what I got!

Pixley Linden Sheer Detail Sleeveless Top ($54) and Gilli Kolby Printed Skirt ($54)

as soon as I saw these pieces on the styling card, I knew that they would both be a no. I have no need to wear blouses, as I don't work a typical 9-5 job, and I just think that they look super weird on me. I guess I just think that that style is a little mature for me. as far as the skirt, I don't really wear striped things (which is probably because my mom has always had a big thing against stripes) and I'm not a big fan of the cut of the skirt. you can't tell from the picture, but while it's flat and you're looking at it straight on, it has kind of a u-shape.

these were both sent back.

Loveappella Lia Dress ($68)

I wasn't so sure about this dress, but it wasn't really too bad. I don't really have a real reason for doing so, but I don't really wear sleeveless tops (or in this case dresses) like this that often. I thought that the way this dress had a grey overlay on the front was really cool, but I didn't feel like it was going to stay hanging in the right place. I also didn't like how clingy the material was, as I felt it was really awkward that you could see the top of my bra.

this was sent back.

Everly Peter Dress ($68)

this dress was pretty much love at first sight! I love a good fit-and-flare dress, and this one has a lower back than front which I thought was pretty. the pattern is definitely not something that I would have picked out for myself. my only (slight) annoyance about this dress is that it shows just an "f" from my tattoos.

this was kept.

RD Style Angus Split Back Mixed Material Sweater ($68)

it's sweater season! this is probably another thing that I wouldn't have picked out for myself, but it's really cute. the back detailing was the seller on this one. it's going to be perfect to pair with jeggings or skinny jeans, or even over leggings when I'm leaving gymnastics class. I might even have a cute skirt to wear with this one.

this was kept.

have you tried StitchFix yet? I would totally recommend it as a fun way to get some clothes that you probably wouldn't pick out for yourself!


this post contains affiliate links.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

38/52 :: 2015

let's play a little game called how many times can Teresa put that pear tablecloth in the picture this week... only five?! hmm it's kind of almost visible in a sixth picture too. I need to get out a little bit more, I think.

Thursday 17 September // day two hundred sixty-one :: I just love watching the colors coming in.

Friday 18 September // day two hundred sixty-two :: iOS 9 updates!

Saturday 19 September // day two hundred sixty-three :: more colors. this was one of my favorites that I've done lately.

Sunday 20 September // day two hundred sixty-four :: things to work on.

Monday 21 September // day two hundred sixty-five :: listening to Wildest Dreams at the canal.

Tuesday 22 September // day two hundred sixty-six :: fresh from a 1.27 mile walk around the neighborhood and listening to some Geri X.

Wednesday 23 September // day two hundred sixty-seven :: starting to watch Scream Queens instead of doing something about all of the stuff in this picture... I only made it half an hour into the show. I kind of want to know what happens, but at the same time, it is way too gory for me. (though the costumes and cast are wonderful.)


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

what I wore :: 23.9.2015

another Wednesday, another week of outfits! I am so excited that fall is around the corner because I can't wait to get out my scarves for the season.

Sunday :: Mass & working at the motel.

v-neck pocket tee (similar) (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Monday :: errands, lunch with my grandma, & outdoor photography

v-neck tee (Target) // boyfriend cardigan (Target) // infinity scarf via Zulily // American Eagle skinny jeans // Converse

Monday :: gymnastics. (I'm only wearing one shoe because I wanted to show how well my socks matched my outfit.)

tunic via Zulily // yoga leggings (Target) // socks (Target) // Nikes

Tuesday :: morning swim, getting stuff done at home, working at the motel.

tee via Zulily // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Wednesday :: preschool classes, getting things done at home.

v-neck tee (Target) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Wednesday :: gymnastics class, picking my mom up from the airport (and Best Buy).

v-neck tee (Target) // leggings via Zulily // Nikes

Thursday :: working at the motel.

tee via Zulily // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

Friday :: working at the motel.

Cadillac Church tee // American Eagle skinny jeans // Converse

Saturday :: working at the motel.

Sevenly v-neck tee // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse

{my camera strap cover is from The Poppy Shoppe on Etsy (she has tons of super cute ones, but here's a current listing for the leopard print) // my belt is from Gap about a year ago // this mirror is from Target}


Friday, September 18, 2015

around the web :: 18.9.2015

I have found that it is so much easier to do these posts every other week, because then I remember to add more things to them. (:

my sweet friend Andrea Wittgens is getting ready to record another album, and you can join in and help her by pledging with PledgeMusic! she's seriously amazing, and an incredible songwriter, vocalist, and piano player!

this is awesome! tuning something painful into something beautiful.

these dia de los muertos socks are adorable.

I don't really have a problem with flying, but I thought that these tips from BuzzFeed were still really nice.

I must admit that I really want to read/reread some of the books from this list.

I think I need this in my life.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

37/52 2015

yet another week has come and gone!

Thursday 10 September // day two hundred fifty-four :: the skies are turning to fall.

Friday 11 September // day two hundred fifty-five :: new books!

Saturday 12 September // day two hundred fifty-six :: Max.

Sunday 13 September // day two hundred fifty-seven :: a chilly start to the day.

Monday 14 September // day two hundred fifty-eight :: exploring downtown Algoma.

Tuesday 15 September // day two hundred fifty-nine :: I got back in the pool and swam 900 yards (just over half a mile)!

Wednesday 16 September // day two hundred sixty :: a few things I worked on today. (:


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

what I wore :: 16.9.2015

here's another week or so of outfits! looking at my hair as I take these pictures makes me realize how much I really need to get it cut... just another thing on my to do list.

Tuesday :: hanging out at home, working at the motel.

Reverend Beatman & Delaney Davidson USA Tour 2010 tee // American Eagle skinny jeans // Converse

Wednesday :: preschool class, photography outside, editing and such at home.

Sevenly Beauty v-neck tee {limited edition, similar products} // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse (this color is currently on sale!)

Wednesday :: gymnastics classes.

YMCA annual campaign tee // yoga leggings (Target) // Nikes

 Thursday :: working at the motel.

v-neck tee (Target) // cardigan (Target) (similar) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse (on sale)

Friday :: working at the motel.

v-neck tee (AE) // American Eagle Kick Boot jeans // Converse (similar, I have the double tongue low tops)

Saturday :: working at the motel.

v-neck tee (Target) // cardigan (Target) (similar) // Just Black skinny jeans (StitchFix) // Converse


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

NatureBox :: September 2015

I have officially been getting a NatureBox every month for two years now! I still love getting that box in the mail. It's usually a surprise when it arrives because I don't track the package, so I only know that it's coming if I remember that I saw an email from them.

Here's what I tried this month!

Tart & Tangy Fruit Medley :: I first received this snack in February 2014, and I still love it. What can I say? Dried fruit is one of my favorite snacks, and this is the perfect blend of dried apples and cranberries. It's perfect for fall (or any other time of the year).

Picking up the kids from school can be stressful enough; when they get those afternoon munchies, it can get even more hectic. Don't panic. Bring a bag of this perfectly bite-sized apple and cranberry medley to get the kids (and yourself) through that car ride home. After all, who doesn't enjoy sweet, chewy fruit snacks?

Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles :: I enjoyed the Mini Belgian Waffles back in February, so when I saw that the cocoa ones were new this month, I had to try them. Just like the others, these have a nice soft but not falling apart texture, but they have a perfect chocolate flavor!

If you're a fan of our Mini Belgian Waffles and a lover of chocolate, we've got the perfect treat for you! These Mini Cocoa Belgian Waffles offer the same cookie-like crunch and a chocolaty-sweet, buttery flavor. Experience the authentic taste of Belgian waffles in the comfort of your own home.

Roasted Kettle Kernels :: The first (and last) time that I had these was in my first NatureBox back in September 2013! I so did not plan to get these in September again on purpose, and they are just as delicious as I remember. This was one of the snacks that kept me getting this subscription. These are perfectly crunchy with the slightest amount of sweetness.

It's a couple hours past your lunch break and you feel that afternoon sluggishness starting to settle in. Time to recharge! Rather than snagging a bag of fried corn kernels from the vending machine, slide open your desk drawer to reach for this roasted snack with a touch of honey, a pinch of salt and totally satisfying crunch.

Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels :: This one was a first for me. These pretzels are nice and crunchy with a cheesy flavor, but there is just something in there that has a tiny beer flavor, which I thought was pretty strange. I don't like beer, so I didn't find that to be too pleasant, but overall, these pretzels are good. (After reading the description below as I was typing it, I learned that I was correct.)

The popcorn's popping and your drinks are chilling in the fridge. All that's left to do for movie night is snag these pretzels with the comforting flavors of cheddar-sprinkled sourdough and a dash of ale. So grab your coziest blanket, kick up your feet and dim the lights. Just be sure to turn off your phone and keep crunching to a minimum.

Chocolate Chia Granola :: I had this back in March, and I am a sucker for chocolate granola, so I had to get it again. Plus, chia seeds are good for you, right? I love having granola in yogurt, but it didn't make this soy yogurt taste any better.

The combination of organic whole rolled oats, chia seeds and cocoa powder will take you back to the days of Saturday morning cartoons and crunchy, chocolatey cereal. Whole grain oats and chia seeds offer fiber, while cocoa and a touch of sweetness round our this sinfully guilt-free snack.

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