Thursday, March 5, 2015

9/52 2015

another average week over here, including bitter cold following a snowfall. my sister and her husband were up for their baby shower this weekend, so I got to see them for a little bit before I went to work. most of the time that I haven't been at work has been spent on a major reorganization of my iPhoto library, because I totally slacked off on naming faces for probably two years, which is terrible when you can go to two shows in a weekend and take 1500 pictures between the two days. needless to say, it's been super fun. I only have a year to go before I'm caught up though, so I've made a lot of progress!!

Thursday 26 February // day fifty-seven :: I can't say that I'm a big fan of eating just raisins, but I really like the raisins in this trail mix from Sam's Club.

Friday 27 February // day fifty-eight :: picking out clothes for tomorrow.

Saturday 28 February // day fifty-nine :: that's my niece in there.

Sunday 1 March // day sixty :: I so love this calendar and the bright colors of the neon every month.

Monday 2 March // day sixty-one :: new wallpapers from May Designs

Tuesday 3 March // day sixty-two :: snowfall.

Wednesday 4 March // day sixty-three :: picture books are my favorite {Wolfie the Bunny}


Monday, March 2, 2015

The Month by iPhone :: February 2015

The month started out with a full day of travel getting into Chicago during winter storm Linus. It totally messed up my plans for my day in the city, which can be read about here. A couple days after getting home, a bunch of my friends were in town for a week and we had a wonderful time together. Not too much else happened in February, but here are some pictures!

breakfast from Starbucks, because that's what happens in the airport.

first time getting pinkberry, at the Atlanta airport.

waiting to leave the gate and get to Chicago.

Grounded in St. Louis. literally. after orbiting in Chicago for half an hour because there was a vehicle in the way on the runway, we had to reroute to St. Louis because O'Hare was closed, due to the blizzard. we did end up getting back on the plane about an hour later, and then we waited on the ground in Chicago for another hour before a gate was open. I walked into the airport six hours late.

the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in, at the Tremont.

view from the 14th floor. I believe this is the Presbyterian church.

Sprinkles Cupcakes & ATM!!!

rental car to get home from Chicago... apparently if you make fun of people who drive Fiats, that will be the next car you drive.

lunch at IKEA. I wanted to order the kids grilled chicken meal (with carrots, strawberries, and string cheese), but apparently the lady didn't hear me and this is what I ended up with. I had no idea what it really was aside from something chicken with vegetables and lingonberries, and when I looked on my receipt, I think it was apple and raisin stuffed chicken. I didn't really like it.

new pillow from IKEA. (:

starting the third year of the happiness project!!

one of my sweet friends gave me seven disposable cameras, new in box, but expired in September 2003. we're hoping I can get some fun pictures from them! I hope the pictures turn out because I got some fun ones already. (:

half birthday treats. (: I wasn't too impressed by these Red Velvet Oreos. the only difference that you can taste is that they made the creme cream cheese flavored, and it seems like they just added a little red dye to the cookies.

 from the Happiness Project journal

I love this shirt. I bought it on Zulily, but I'm pretty sure it's from Skreened.

how I feel about cut flowers: they are pretty and I like to take pictures of them, but do not give me flowers as a gift. they're just going to die in a few days and that's a waste of money. {these were a gift to my manager from a friend}

the wife of one of our musicians sent some cookies for him to share. they were oh so pretty and gone in a flash. {from Heidi's Heavenly Cookies}

sparkle legs. all black for Friday the 13th. I just love dressing up and take every opportunity to do so.

{skirt from Target years ago // tights from Zulily}

I'm not one for taking pictures of myself, and much less for posting them online, but I had to take a moment to get this documented. I just wish I would have remembered the red lipstick first.

{yellow daisy hair clip from Babesnblanks on Etsy // LARA Fashion dress from Zulily}

Jameson and musicians is like salt and pepper.

Sturgeon Bay does a Fire & Ice festival each February around Valentine's Day, and it includes ice and snow sculpture carving on the main streets. here's Olaf!

 Egg Harbor Beach. freezing and frozen and covered in snow drifts, but still beautiful.

 sending mail. I'm going to need stamps very very soon.

"A person's tragedy does not make up their entire life. A story carves deep grooves into our brains each time we tell it. But we aren't one story. We can change our stories. We can write our own." - Amy Poehler, Yes Please

took the Danelectro out to see the light of day. I sometimes wish that I had the patience to devote to learning how to play it.

standing in the picture book section at Barnes & Noble and listening to an orchestra cover of one of my favorite Coldplay songs.

sometimes when I'm at work and my hands are cold, I put these on, even though it's really my fingers that are cold.

I tried to get that guitar pick out of this guitar, but only succeeded at getting it more stuck...


Thursday, February 26, 2015

8/52 2015

It's Wednesday night and I'm trying to think of what happened this week.

I worked a lot, as usual, putting in an extra half shift's worth of hours spread across a few shifts.

Saturday night was a birthday party for one of my friends, and the boys convinced me to stay out all night, which is what I wanted to do but knew I shouldn't. I did anyway, because I wanted to see the last band play, and I'm glad that I did. I love those guys.

I finished my taxes on Monday morning, and then I cleaned out my closet that afternoon.

I worked on some things at work on Tuesday that I thought were fun.

On Wednesday, I drove down to Appleton for some "treat yo' self" time, in the spirit of the series finale of Parks & Rec, which I watched later that evening. (I am so sad that it's over but the way they ended it was wonderful with the glimpses into the future.) I bought myself some tights (in the correct size for once!) and a book of Edgar Allan Poe's works that I've wanted for a while. I just love getting to spend time driving and listening to music.

And without transition, here are some pictures.

Thursday 19 February // day fifty :: hot chocolate time.

Friday 20 February // day fifty-one :: Florida seashells.

Saturday 21 February // day fifty-two :: side view of the newest skull. I love the blue swallows (?) on the back.

Sunday 22 February // day fifty-three :: I like snow as long as it's on the other side of the window.

Monday 23 February // day fifty-four :: someone saw the light of day.

Tuesday 24 February // day fifty-five :: when it's getting later in the day and I realize I haven't taken a picture yet, I usually take a picture of some food.

Wednesday 25 February // day fifty-six :: my friend Ruby has a little brother named Max, and she and her mom had never heard of Max & Ruby! I had to pick up a couple books for her on her birthday. (: also, I want cupcakes now.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

NatureBox :: February 2015

Oh look, another month of taking pictures on auto with flash at ten o'clock at night. Whoops. This month was a good one though! I just wish I would get these on my day off so that I would take pictures during the day instead of wanting to dive into the box right away after I get off work!

{Descriptions in italics provided by NatureBox. This is not a sponsored post.}

Cranberry Pepita Crisps :: these remind me of pie crust, plus dried cranberries and a cinnamon sugar dusting. they're really good, and there seem to be a lot in the bag, but that's probably because they're broken.

What do you do on a Monday afternoon, when your busy day and snack attack are at their utmost peak? Sneak off to that kitchen cupboard and reach for these crisps. Crunchy, substantial and oh-so-slightly sweet, you'll be amped up to tackle the rest of your day in no time. And that endless to-do list? It's a breeze.

Whole Wheat Lemon Figgy Bars :: I waited a while to try this flavor because I didn't think that I would be too impressed with them. I'm really not impressed, as I don't really think that lemon is the right filling flavor for these. they're not bad though, and the filling tastes like a regular lemon bar.

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple. Nothing too sweet. Nothing too filling. And nothing too light. This whole wheat and lemon taken on a fig-treat classic is perfect for when you want to satiate that hankering for a sweet treat. Top if off with a glass of almond milk and a smile!

Greek Yogurt Pretzels :: I waited to try these until after the blueberry and strawberry ones, thinking that these wouldn't be that special, but I really do like them! my favorite ones are probably the blueberry ones, but I like these better than the strawberry pretzels.

What's in your gym bag for that post-workout treat? It's Greek Yogurt Pretzels, of course! This crunchy snack has the slight tang of classic Greek yogurt but with a slightly sweet twist. Check out our other Greek yogurt pretzel flavors.

Mini Belgian Waffles :: for some reason I thought that these would be harder than they actually are, but I like them this way. they really do have a cookie-like crunch. I had to throw some Nutella on a couple, but they are good without!

Searching for a comforting, breakfast-y snack? These Mini Belgian Waffles are made in the European tradition and offer a cookie-like crunch. Even better, this bite-sized snack offers vanilla-sweet, buttery flavor without the guilt. Enjoy them with a freshly brewed cup of breakfast tea and a smile!

Chocolate Banana Chips :: these are lighter, fluffier banana chips dusted in chocolate. the chocolate flavor is a little too light, in my opinion.

When you're in search of a sweet treat, look no further than these Chocolate Banana Chips! Crispy, chocolaty, with just the right amount of ripe-banana sweetness, you'll love this snack mixed into yogurt for a homemade parfait, or straight out of the bag.


Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Weekend 2015

I've never had a boyfriend, so Valentine's Day has never been about anything romantic for me. For the past few years, I've been able to get together with some great friends for music and a lot of fun, and that's what happened this year too!

some pretty paper hearts.

I had some leftover stickers from one of my classes at the Y, so I used them to dress up some fruit at work. I just love stickers and the Target dollar section.

These aren't my flowers. In fact, I don't even like receiving fresh cut flowers, but these sure are pretty.

I love dressing up, but I don't often have the opportunity to do so. I wore all black on Friday the 13th: a black v-neck tee and cardigan, a black lace skirt, black tights with rhinestones, and black patent pumps.

photo: Ty Helbach Photography

We went to a local theater for a live music performance on Friday night. Here's a picture from the Get Down, which was performed by a horn section-less WIFEE and the HUZz Band. Vee (with the guitar) handed the fake flowers from the stage to Abi, so that's how we ended up with them. haha.

Our Love

Abi, Lisa, and I hung out backstage for a little bit before we went over to a resort with a bar where we knew someone else who was playing. Abi and I only stayed for a little while, before we went to a different bar where the rest of our friends were hanging out.

There was more music at that bar, and we just hung out in our corner and talked for hours before finally leaving at bar close. It was such a wonderful night.

I dressed up again on Valentine's Day, this time in a red dress from Zulily with a yellow daisy from BabesnBlanks on Etsy and some nude patent pumps.

photo: James Larsen

We went back to the theater on Saturday night for more music. I'm pretty sure I have the most talented friends in the world. We talked with some friends backstage again, but they had to work on loading out, so we headed next door to the bar from last night.

photo: Abi Bethke

Back at the bar again, there was more music and friends and great conversations. Oh, and dancing too. I had some whiskey even though I probably shouldn't have. Leaving that night was really hard because I had to say goodbye to some friends that I won't see for another few months.

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