Thursday, April 17, 2014

thank you notes

today I'm joining Kiki and Jess for The Circle! I've linked up a few other times, but since I've been doing photo posts every Wednesday, I haven't been. so I'm linking up a day late, but that's okay. (:

this month's theme is thank you notes - serious, funny, sarcastic... let's see what I've got.

{these notecards are from Target about a year and a half ago - I love the greenroom line}

thank you Mother Nature for proving that the calendar doesn't determine the weather.

thank you three littles for brightening my morning yesterday. it is always so great to get to spend some time with great kids like you!

thank you KinderCubs classes for the short workouts a few times a week. I can definitely say that my v-sit has improved!

thank you Social Print Studio for making me want to spend all of my money on photographs and photo things like magnets and books. {I ordered a set of magnets last night, and I want to put together a photo book from my Minneapolis trip!}

thank you Pinterest for making summer camp planning much easier.

thank you moving for making me do some necessary purging. and also for helping me come across some things that bring back sweet memories.

thank you hairstylist not only for getting rid of my split ends and making my hair seem more manageable, but also for the nice chat.

thank you working in the dining room for making me want to constantly snack on things.


In Its Time

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

15/52 2014

Well, the weather was crazy again this week. It started nice and warm, and it got up to sixty at one point, but now there's an inch or so of snow on the ground again...

We had a full house at the motel all weekend, and we had a fun visitor among them. We've got a lot going on there, and it won't slow down again until November.

Then at my other job, aside from teaching four classes a week, my supervisor and I are starting to get ready for camp this summer. It feels like so far away, but it's coming up really close.

Wednesday 9 April // day ninety-nine :: I had grand plans for having today's picture be this great picture of the dinner I made, but it didn't turn out as great as I wanted. I made mac and cheese, but I didn't let the cheese melt in the sauce for long enough. I'll try again soon. It still tasted good though!

Thursday 10 April // day one hundred :: giant glass ornament. random picture from the living room. I have no idea why that monkey is on top of the door frame.

Friday 11 April // day one hundred one :: throwback picture from August 1999. I was six and Amy was twelve.

Saturday 12 April // day one hundred two :: starting a grocery list. I forgot the butter last week when I had a coupon...

Sunday 13 April // day one hundred three :: Canadian coins and an empty spice bottle on the butcher block.

Monday 14 April // day one hundred four :: April snow. I woke up to hearing my dad plowing the driveway.

Tuesday 15 April // day one hundred five :: I had a few eggs that I wanted to do something with, so I hard boiled them! I loved watching all of the bubbles.


Thursday, April 10, 2014


Erin did a fun post about her life in numbers, and I contemplated doing a similar post. Then Halie did one too, and I knew that it would be a really fun idea! Thanks for the inspiration, ladies! (:

112,696 :: number of miles on my Volkswagen Beetle

0 :: number of times I've been outside of North America

1305 :: number of songs on my iTunes

5 :: number of times I have seen Delaney Davidson in concert

8 :: number of cameras I have owned

1 :: number of tattoos I currently have

12 :: number of Geri X cds I own {plus a few more just on iTunes}

4 :: number of schools I have attended

22 :: number of black shirts I own + 1 black sweater + 2 black cardigans + 1 black hooded sweatshirt

55 :: number of Lip Smacker lip balms I own {some of these are the same flavor in different packaging}

95 :: number of profile pictures I have had on Facebook in a little more than seven years

22,909 :: number of photos currently in my iPhoto {the main reason I back my computer up every month}

4 :: number of pairs of boots I own {also the number of pairs of heels I own}

16 :: number of letters in my full name

3 :: number of hotels I've stayed at in the past five months

4.1 :: number of years I have been with my current job

{I would have counted all of my books, but they are all over in a bunch of different boxes and places right now.}


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

14/52 2014

We got some more snow and ice this week, but now it's in the fifties, so it's going to start to melt and become spring! I can't wait for the grass to turn green instead of brown!

I had another busy week of work at the motel and classes with my preschool kids. It was a slower weekend at the motel, but it's going to start getting really busy very soon!

Wednesday 2 April // day ninety-two :: ginger candy from my manager. it's from Greens N Grains in Egg Harbor, a place I have always meant to go in, but never have.

Thursday 3 April // day ninety-three :: I never want to forget that there was a pineapple doorknocker on the door to my childhood home.

Friday 4 April // day ninety-four :: Chocolate Therapy is the best kind of therapy.

Saturday 5 April // day ninety-five :: I love finding a use for random little things that I find while cleaning. this little platter was a gift from my aunt and uncle when hey went to Mexico. (if I remember correctly.)

Sunday 6 April // day ninety-six :: cloud cover.

Monday 7 April // day ninety-seven :: I had plans of making dinner from scratch, but then I got home from the grocery store and didn't feel like cooking, so I just put a pizza in the oven. I think it was in for a minute or two too long.

Tuesday 8 April // day ninety-eight :: my dad's cassette collection, with a few cassettes mixed in that were probably mine or my sister's. I wonder how many times I listened to that Hanson cassette. I'm thinking that some of these will need to go in my car so I can listen to them!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

stream of consciousness vol. two

{from a week or two ago}

I wish I was one of those bloggers who has a perfectly planned out post for every day of the week, but I'm not, so I'm just going to let my fingers type and see where this ends up...

It's almost nine o'clock on Monday night as I sit at the dining room table writing. I was going to make some macaroni and cheese from scratch for dinner tonight, but by the time I got home, I just didn't feel like doing it, so I put a pizza in the oven instead. Did you know that California Pizza Kitchen makes personal pizzas? That's not what I had (I had DiGiorno), but they're really good. I wish that we had a CPK nearby instead of Pizza Hut. A Chick-Fil-A would also be nice...

I've been watching The Hills on hulu lately, and I'm kind of addicted. There really isn't a whole lot of substance to the show; it just seems to be about drama, but I like seeing life in LA and working at Teen Vogue. Plus since it's a few years old, it's crazy to see how everyone dressed.

My nails are bare right now, which is weird. They seem a lot stronger than usual as well. I was going to paint them on Thursday night, so I took off the other nail polish that I had on, and I trimmed my nails, and picked out a color, but then I just didn't feel like dealing with the wet nails and just the whole process. I want to get a professional manicure soon, since I have a gift certificate for a spa about an hour and a half away. I also have a gift card for a local spa, and I want to get a facial there. But I don't know what kind to get! Any suggestions?

It got up to like 54 degrees today. It was so nice out, which is great, because it literally snowed three days ago (Friday). I got off work that night and had to scrape the ice off my car. I hate having to scrape/brush ice/snow off my car. It's not going to be fun that my new apartment doesn't have a garage.

I'm moving at the end of the month! I'm excited but kind of scared at the same time. I've actually been living alone for the past few weeks (long story), and it's just really weird. Especially since it's the house that I grew up in, with like half of the furniture gone. I'm ready for a fresh start. But it's going to be expensive. I need to find a washer and dryer, and I want to get a new desk and a new bed and a new blender and some other little stuff like that. I'm looking for a quiet blender, because the one that I have right now is kind of old (I found it buried in the kitchen cabinets) and it's really loud and doesn't work the greatest with frozen foods. I'm kind of wanting to get a NutriBullet, but I am open to suggestions.

I've been working on shooting in manual, and it is kind of scary and annoying at times, but it is so exciting to know that I am completely in control of what my camera is doing. I just wish that there was a camera that worked as well to adjust to the lighting to take pictures exactly as you see the world.

So, I decided on my Halloween costume on November second, but now I want to be Betty Crocker for the second night of Halloween! I don't really like how I look in the color red all of the time because of my skin tone, but if I find a dress that would work, I am totally going to do it. I just need to learn how to apply lipstick and how to curl my hair...

I really want to go shopping, but I don't want to spend any money. I need a new bikini, but at the same time, I don't really often need to wear a bikini, because usually when I go swimming in the summer, it's with the kids at summer camp, so I wear a one-piece. I found a cute bikini on clearance at Target, but they didn't have a top that fit me, just a bottom. I found a different top that would work with it (the bottom was black and white leopard print with mint accents and the top I found was just plain black), but I didn't end up buying them. It would be so much easier to shop for swimwear if they used bra sizes instead of just S/M/L, etc.

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