Friday, September 4, 2015

around the web :: 4.9.2015

I didn't know if I was going to even do this post this week because I haven't been surfing the web a whole lot, but I wanted to blog four days in a row! (: also, tomorrow marks three years that I have been posting on this blog! it's really short though because I often forget to add to these posts. whoops.

watching these kids trying food from other countries was so funny! the kids are adorable, and it was so cool to see different school lunches around the world.

what can I say? I love the skeletal system. {plates from ModCloth}

this month's freebie from Tattly is so pretty!

oh how I love these three guys (:


Thursday, September 3, 2015

35/52 2015

it's that weird time of year transitioning from summer to school year, yet it's still peak season. please tell me that someone else knows how weird this time of year is? anyway, it was a busy weekend and then I got to see some awesome friends on Monday!

Thursday 27 August // day two hundred forty :: my loaner for the week while Luna was getting fixed... no offense to anyone who drives a Buick, but I felt like an old lady. :/

Friday 28 August // day two hundred forty-one :: photographs as bookmarks.

Saturday 29 August // day two hundred forty-two :: I love getting fun mail, so ordering things online makes me happier than it should. I am so excited to own copies of these books!

Sunday 30 August // day two hundred forty-three :: I love fog.

Monday 31 August // day two hundred forty-four :: pieces of the moments.

Tuesday 1 September // day two hundred forty-five :: new shoesh. (: {buy here}

Wednesday 2 September // day two hundred forty-six :: not even embarrassed about adding all of this old music to my iPod.


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Forgotten Summer Photographs

this summer was so busy! I took a little time a few times to go and take some photos, but it is so hard for me to get up north, and then being around all of the tourists kind of makes me feel uncomfortable, so I didn't really get many photos, but there are some places that I definitely want to check out in the next few months. here is a little glimpse at part of my summer. (:

one of my homes away from home. love this place!

this limestone is 500 million years old, from what I've heard. I would love to go up and behind to see the rest of the quarry, but it's private property. :(

right across the street from the quarry park is the boat launch, where I have taken many many pictures. this is Green Bay at the west side of the canal.

backroads driving.

Lake Michigan.

Portage Park. {Lake Michigan}

North Pier Head at the USCG Canal Station {still Lake Michigan}

bridge selfies.

one of my favorite things about downtown is all of the brick walls. my favorite favorite ones are where the paint peels away to show the red brick underneath.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: August 2015

it's currently 10:09 pm on Monday August 31st. I don't understand how this summer flew by so fast. it seems like it was just beginning two weeks ago. I will always talk about time passing because I don't understand how it works. so crazy.

August was a wonderful month because I got to have a lot of fun with my littles, celebrated my birthday, and got to see lots of great friends! here's to hoping that September is fun too. it will at least be busy!

HTML coding iMac Bandzoogle

writing HTML is oh so much fun.

Door County Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Portage Park beach serene Lake Michigan

Portage Park (:

United States U.S. Coast Guard USCG Sturgeon Bay Door County Wisconsin boat maritime working waterfront

USCG pride in Sturgeon Bay.

lace skirt animal print ballet flats

on Wednesdays we wear pink.

SBSF Steel Bridge Songs Volume 10 Steel Bridge Songfest

doing my nails in a parking lot (at the quarry park).

Whitefish Bay Dunes State Park Wisconsin Sturgeon Bay Door County beach Lake Michigan

Whitefish Dunes State Park

chihuahua WiFEE and the HUZz Band selfie

kidnapping Bruiser, the WiFEE and the HUZz Band dog <3

velvet skirt lace tights ModCloth Forever21 patent pumps Coach leather purse

birthday outfit.

Wisconsin Door County Sturgeon Bay boat launch Green Bay storm quarry

forever at the quarry/boat launch.

Happy Birthday Cupcake preschool picture books Terry Border

birthday Y class! (:

USCG United States U.S. Coast Guard canal Sturgeon Bay Door County Wisconsin

mornings on the canal.


one of my favorite people works at Starbucks, so even though I don't really like to go there, if I see her working while I'm at Target, I will for sure stop by. but I don't know what to get, so she surprised me. this is a turtle frappuccino, I think.

Sturgeon Bay Door County Wisconsin Fire Department

more from helping heroes week: the fire station.

Full Fuel coffee vintage mugs countertop diner

full fuel.

"I love my baby 'til the wheels fall off." - Kansas City Bankroll // watch & listen here

I love unicorns, so for our anything goes week of camp, I had to pick some unicorn things (we read Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great). there were enough extra sun catchers, so I had to make one.

new mirror from TJ Maxx! it hangs next to my Annabel Lee print.

whiskey at six o'clock was a good idea after an annoying day when Luna decided to just die for no reason. (fine. the fuel pump failed. also it happened where my car gets fixed, so I have that to be thankful for.)

not my space, but always a favorite to photograph.

a new plant baby!

fake golden light thanks to Afterlight, which I need to use more often.

I happen to love pillow shots.

three room shots in a row, and they all make me want to work on editing some photos to be black and white.

Nistebox, a must in Sturgeon Bay Bueno.

things I was not dressed for today: a field. I tagged along with Abi for her senior photoshoot, and it was awesome getting to see Kelly in action.

(also I am in love with my new skirt from aerie.)


Friday, August 28, 2015

around the web :: 28.8.2015

I started this for last Friday, but then I forgot to finish it and post it... oh well, here it is now. (: clearly life has been busy and crazy. I can't believe the summer is almost over! (though it's still peak season here for another two months.)

I am so blessed to consider some amazing musicians to be a part of my family. Delaney Davidson was one of the first ones that I was introduced to, the summer that I turned sixteen. he's a traveling man based out of New Zealand, so I don't get to see him all that often, but it's always wonderful whenever I get to see him. Delaney shared this video for You Don't Want Me Around from his newest album (which comes out in a couple weeks) on Facebook, and it reminded me that I'm a few albums behind on his music! not only is he an incredible musician, but he also makes some really great visual decisions. this video is even more special for me (and my music family) since it contains footage of the second line parade for our dear Chris Aaron. {watch on YouTube here}

one of my favorite food bloggers to follow is Joy the Baker. even if her post for the day is something I would never eat, I look at it anyway because her photographs are so gorgeous. doesn't this decadent toasted marshmallow ice cream cake with salted caramel look amazing?

ha! I could definitely use some of these.

so these aren't all accurate for me, but a lot of them are!

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