Thursday, June 25, 2015

25/52 2015

it is always so weird getting into the swing of the summer schedule! this morning will finish out our second week of camp already, and peak season truly starts this weekend for the lodging industry around here, I think. it's going to be a crazy but wonderful summer.

Thursday 18 June // day one hundred seventy-nine :: shoes. a stack of library books. things to do.

Friday 19 June // day one hundred eighty :: kitchen scenes.

Saturday 20 June // day one hundred eighty-one :: more kitchen scenes. I really loved this limited edition yogurt!

Sunday 21 June // day one hundred eighty-two :: I really loved reading Finding Audrey by Sopie Kinsella! morning scenes also included a French lesson.

Monday 22 June // day one hundred eighty-three :: greys and greens.

Tuesday 23 June // day one hundred eighty-four :: currently reading Girl Walks into a Bar . . .: Comedy Calamities, Dating Disasters, and a Midlife Miracle by Rachel Dratch

Wednesday 24 June // day one hundred eighty-five :: bedroom scenes.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NatureBox :: June 2015

I feel super unprepared for this one because I received my box during a super busy week, and then I waited to open things and took pictures late and now I'm writing this even later after most of it is gone.

here goes nothing.

French Toast Granola :: I don't even like French toast, because I don't like maple syrup, but I had to try this anyway. this does have a nice spice to it, and I like that there are some pecans for a little inconsistency.

Let'€™s face it. There simply aren'€™t enough hours in the day to rustle up a morning feast. Instead, add this breakfast granola to your routine. It'€™s perfect with Greek yogurt or as a garnish to your bowl of cereal or plain oatmeal. With the warm sweetness of maple and pecans, you'€™ll feel like you'€™re enjoying breakfast in the countryside.

Fuji Apples :: I first had these in March 2014, and to be quite honest, I wasn't really impressed with them this time. I mean, I love dried fruit, but these were just too bland for me.

Embarking on that smarter eating journey isn’t always an easy one. At some point or another, you crave that sweet, satisfying snack and visions of desserts creep into your imagination. Keep those thoughts at bay with these apples. This fruity snack is guaranteed to satisfy every sweet tooth! Enjoy these plain or serve with your favorite nut butter.

Cinnamon Spiced Almonds :: I was really expecting to enjoy these, but they were not cinammon-y enough for me. (the keyword of this post seems to be bland, but that's what I thought of them.)

These almonds offer the scent and flavor of cinnamon paired with our California grown almonds for a touch of honey. The sweet taste with a slight edge is deliciously sweet and savory.

Coconut Cashews :: these cashews have the perfect amount of coconuts on them, because it's enough to be tasted, but not too much that it's overpowering.

You’re whisking dark chocolate into the softly simmering milk in the saucepan while thinking of curling up with your favorite book. Before you grab your coziest blanket and get into bookworm mode, scoop out these Coconut Cashews into a snack bowl to crunch on while sipping your famous homemade hot cocoa.

Strawberry Lemonade Fruit Stars :: I was most excited for these, but they were not my favorite at all. we use a lemon disinfectant at work, and the taste of these fruit chews reminded me of that...

Inspired by the classic summertime beverage, we’ve created a fruit chew that takes good old-fashioned lemonade to new heights. We infuse real lemon and strawberry juices into this mouthwatering treat to provide just the right balance of tart and sweet. So kick up your feet and sit back with these bite-sized stars that are bursting with flavor.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

24/52 2015

what a whirlwind of the past two weeks. I have no idea how long it is going to take me to catch up on everything I have missed in this online world. there are currently 150+ unread posts on my Bloglovin', I haven't been looking at Zulily or ModCloth or Craigslist apartments every day as I usually do, I haven't been checking Tumblr... I just feel so disconnected from this all, but it was so great to connect with some wonderful people in the flesh. I am so blessed to know such incredible people and I am sad that nearly all of the ones who were visiting have returned home or headed back out on tour. it was so wonderful to be a part of it all though. here's a little look into the last week...

Thursday 11 June // day one hundred seventy-two :: started the weekend at the Tambourine.

Friday 12 June // day one hundred seventy-three :: Carley Baer honey bear (:

Saturday 13 June // day one hundred seventy-four :: I realized the night before that I was a little too matchy matchy... I guess when you stop purchasing Vera Bradley on the regular, you tend to frequent only one (or a couple) pattern.

Sunday 14 June // day one hundred seventy-five :: Bruiser is just the cutest little guy.

Monday 15 June // day one hundred seventy-six :: back to real life and having to get errands done, like going to the library. it was a stressful afternoon at the Y, but then I got to see a concert in Green Bay with a good friend.

Tuesday 16 June // day one hundred seventy-seven :: I'm not much for cut flowers, but this was a special flower from the night before, plus I just love taking photos of flowers. I loved the juxtaposition of a sweet flower with a bottle of whiskey which was a gift from last week (and a reminder of Sunday night). the flower was dead by the time I got home from work, so I was happy for the pictures I took of it.

Wednesday 17 June // day one hundred seventy-eight :: beautiful skies once again, after a rainy week prior.


Thursday, June 11, 2015

23/52 2015

I love having the lights of my life here this week, but I am too tired to write about how wonderful it has been! Here are some pictures instead.

Thursday 4 June // day one hundred sixty-five :: this is one of those "about to leave for work and I forgot to take a picture" pictures. the stacks of preschool books on my floor.

Friday 5 June // day one hundred sixty-six :: gifts from Mackinac Island.

Saturday 6 June // day one hundred sixty-seven :: writing in my planner and five-year journal is an important part of every morning for me.

Sunday 7 June // day one hundred sixty-eight :: Tony's Nixon mask with Rick's Canon and pocket whiskey.

Monday 8 June // day one hundred sixty-nine :: Barrett's bass looks beautiful in the lobby.

Tuesday 9 June // day one hundred seventy :: good job Cash <3

Wednesday 10 June // day one hundred seventy-one :: Vee and his cup of sunshine.


Friday, June 5, 2015

around the web 5.6.2015

and so summer 2015 begins tomorrow for me. it always comes in full swing with a lot of fun and craziness. I spent this week taking a few more pictures than I have been lately, and I also got to hang out with Sherman.

this one is a few weeks old now, but I have a bit of an attachment to Starwood properties (since I'm a member of their Starwood Preferred Guests program & I fell in love with their properties after a project in Hospitality Facilities Management a few years ago), so I love that they are working with some independent hotels for Tribute Portfolio, because I also believe that independent small businesses are the way to go!

I'm sure every Mean Girls fan has already seen the deleted scene that's been circulating again lately, but just in case you haven't, here it is!

Crew Poetry on Late Night with Seth Meyers - the audience controller's was my favorite (:

I am so in love with this outfit!

ModCloth picks of the week

I am so in love with tulle skirts, like this peach one. look at this pretty bottle opener! these ballet flats are super pretty! you always need another cute cosmetic bag, right? just look at this little bank, it is so adorable! if I needed a wedding dress today, this would be it.


Thursday, June 4, 2015

22/52 2015

and the craziness begins in 3... 2... 1...

here are some pictures of the semi-calm before the storm. I didn't realize how many of these I was in until I put the post together, because I had downloaded and chosen photos from my camera a few times this week!

Thursday May 28 // day one hundred fifty-eight :: this might be my new favorite shirt. {here it is from ModCloth}

Friday 29 May // day one hundred fifty-nine :: of course there is a story for this picture. May 29th was a hard day for me a few years ago, so the past two years I decided to change that and get a tattoo on that day. well, this year I didn't have time for a new tattoo, so I used this non-permanent one from Tattly instead. my plan was also to have some whiskey after work. the only whiskey I had had at this point was Fireball and Jameson, and my friend who initially made me drink the Jameson hates it, so I decided to try some other kinds. I tried the regular Jack Daniel's and I absolutely hated it! {also, because I don't drink a lot and this was actually the first time I had bought alcohol, I didn't realize how much this actually was! haha.}

Saturday 30 May // day one hundred sixty :: you know I loved this book.

Sunday 31 May // day one hundred sixty-one :: lunchtime.

Monday 1 June // day one hundred sixty-two :: got my ring cleaned! (: do you know how weird it feels to take a picture of your right hand when that's usually the hand holding the camera?!

Tuesday 2 June // day one hundred sixty-three :: I love updating my phone and computer wallpapers each month with new backgrounds from May Designs!

Wednesday 3 June // day one hundred sixty-four :: I was at the bridge to take some pictures for a 50th wedding anniversary, and then I had to go back to get some just of the bridge because I was there. (:


Monday, June 1, 2015

the month by iPhone :: May 2015

I don't understand how this year is flying by so fast! didn't it just start? now we're at the beginning of summer and nearly halfway to 2016! how is that even possible?

May started with a drive down to Madison to see some friends for a day, and other than that, it's been a lot of planning and preparing at both jobs for the summer!

Luna looks so pretty after getting a full clean! I don't really have a messy car to begin with (as there's nothing in there), but I absolutely hate cleaning the floormats. Thanks, Brian!

I had to drive down to Madison on the second for a fundraiser at the Goodman Community Center. The part of the center that we were in looked to be new, but this other building looked like it use to be an old train station. Those steel beams in the upper picture are above the playground, which was really fun. (:

I bought this candle from Target, and I just love it! It smells just like the Victoria's Secret PINK fragrance that is supposed to smell like whipped cream. I also love how bright the candle is when it's burning.

I love this tulip standing alone.

the beginnings of cherry blossoms.

I think that the road was open by the time that they took this picture, but my point was that there weren't any "road closed" or "road work ahead" signs giving any warning until you were less than a block away from the road work...

new Walter's Dogs paintings!

I just love this skull shirt, not that you can tell that it's a skull in this picture.

I don't often park next to other cars, but when I do, it's probably another Beetle.

my new cow friend. all of the other cows were just lounging around, but this one stood up when she saw me taking pictures.

more cherry blossoms, a little bit more than a week later.

vintage giraffe cocktail stirrers!

from "Gus" Klenke Garage in Ellison Bay

two vintage chair pictures in three hours because I can't help myself. this one is for sale at a thrift store in Sturgeon Bay.

$333 - a sign from above <3 <3 <3

Bruiser likes me (:

just normal things at the Y...

I felt kind of like a human x-ray. to quote my friend Charlie Cheney though, "It's what's inside that counts. Bones are very important."

whiskey and butterflies. {Tattly tattoo here}

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