Thursday, April 25, 2013

Insta-Addiction + Discount Code

I typically post my Instagram pictures for the month at the beginning of the following month. I'm changing it up a little bit this month, since I have a discount code to share with you!

new Converse! they're double tongue, which confuses me a little bit, but I wanted a black pair. found these at TJ Maxx for $25.

red awnings + blue skies and puffy clouds

favorite color = mint.

experiments in room photography.

the next three pictures are from my drive to the lake. I literally parked in the road for this one! haha.

Lake Michigan. it was pretty windy!

Lily Bay Boat Landing

I made red velvet cookies this week! they were so easy!

a box of cake mix + 2 eggs + 1/2 cup oil baked at 350*F for 10-12 minutes. I made mine way too large though haha

So! Discount code that I wanted to share with you guys! (:

Have you ever printed wondered where to print your Instagram pictures? I found the app PostalPix, which is an iPhone & Android app that prints pictures from your phones. I printed one of my Instagram photos on aluminum using their app, and I was so pleased with the way it turned out. In addition to aluminum prints, they also offer regular prints in a few sizes and iPhone cases as well. I would definitely recommend trying them if you haven't already.

I received an email from them this morning, with a discount code that I would like to share.

coupon code: MOMPIX at checkout for 20% off through Sunday

***disclaimer: I was not reimbursed in any way for this post. all thoughts are my own. I just wanted to share this deal for one of my favorite photo printers.***

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Can't Believe...

linking up with Miss Robin at The Sunshine Diary today! (:

I can't believe...

...that I left Target without buying the one item I went there to buy. (I didn't even set foot into that aisle!)

...the weather lately! first it was warm, then it snowed a few inches, then it warmed up a little, and we might get more snow on Friday!

{this is from Monday out on Mathey Road} beautiful and peaceful it was out at the lake on Monday morning.

{Lily Bay Boat Landing; Lake Michigan}

...that not all cereal is packaged like the vintage General Mills boxes below.

{they were on sale 2/$5 & also had Honey Nut Cheerios, Cheerios, & Cocoa Puffs! too cute!}

...that I graduate in December! four more weeks + my credit for life internship and three more classes!

{I also can't believe that I found Timbuk3 inspired party d├ęcor at Target! clearly the product designer doesn't know what the song is actually about, but I digress.} {click here to watch "The Future's So Bright}

...that I got my first things from IKEA today! I've never been to IKEA, as there isn't one anywhere in Wisconsin, but my aunt and uncle got me some cute pillow covers from there! (:

{if only I would have remembered the 20x20 pillow at Target today...}

thanks for hosting this fun linkup, Robin! (:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Never Have I Ever...

I saw this on a few blogs last week, and I thought that it would be a fun link-up to join in on! Thanks to Meighan & co. for hosting (:

Never Have I Ever...

...been outside of North America {I've only traveled in the U.S. & Canada}

...been to Cracker Barrel or In-N-Out {I never even saw an In-N-Out when I was in LA in 2011}

...dyed my hair {and I wouldn't consider it at this point, I love the color of my hair}

...gotten a tattoo {this one will be changing soon}

...been pulled over while driving/gotten a ticket

...failed a class {I once got a C in a class when I was a freshman in high school because I didn't talk enough during class}

...gone on vacation by myself {I really want to though!}

...baked a cake {I've baked many batches of cupcakes, but never an actual cake}

Never Have I Ever

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Linking up again today with Helene for Travel Tuesday!! {Confession: I thought that Helene was pronounced the French way [ay-LEN] as opposed to the correct pronunciation [hell-EEN]. For the record, I also have trouble with formidable, but I digress.}

For this week, I am reminiscing a trip that my mom and I took in July 2011. While I have lived in the same house my entire life, my mom's father was in the Navy, so she and her family would move around quite a bit. They spent at least two, if not four years in/near Virginia Beach when she was a teenager, so this is where she "grew up," I guess. She wanted to bring me here since I had never been, and we were also able to see her oldest brother and his son, who live in the area.

{These pictures aren't really in order, and the first two were taken by my mom.}

We went to Mount Trashmore, which is a park made out of solid waste.

I really hate sand. And flip flops. I know, I'm weird. I think this picture is hilarious because it's such a typical me face.

So since I'm from a small town in the midwest, the boardwalk thing is kind of new to me. There were multiple locations of the same restaurant or store on the same street, pretty much walking distance from one another.

{I love this VW bus sign; there was also a wall painted for some restaurant with a VW Beetle on it!}

We ate dinner one night {our first night?} at Dough Boys. It was really good, and our waiter was cute (:

I thought these signs on the boardwalk were hilarious!!

Have I ever mentioned that I love Chick-fil-A? Since the nearest Chick-fil-A is like three hours from me, this was only the second time that I've ever eaten there. Their fries are my favorite!

I made my mom take me to Just Cupcakes for dessert (: They were out of the Frankly Scarlett (red velvet) so I got Mint Chocolate Chip.

We went to Wave Riding Vehicles with my uncle and cousin because my uncle wanted to check out the surfboards of course (: I found this little Frenchie that I sat with while they were looking at surfboards haha.

And a pretty picture of the beach! (:

Go check out Helene's linkup for more fun travels!

Helene in Between

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Month by iPhone: March 2013

whoa whoa whoa! the year is already a quarter of the way over? what?

it seems like this year just keeps picking up speed!

anyway. here are some Instagrams from March (:

apple cinnamon oatmeal muffins

mint brownie shake from Red Robin

Max thought these might be real fish...

beautiful skies

air guitar under the Christmas tree at work

I love OPI & whoever names these colors must have a lot of fun!

Sevenly Choose Love tee

RCA Victor - new deco for the lobby. thanks Steve!

is that sanitary? no.

The Skyway <3

mint chip gelato

Thin Mint cupcake

Sevenly Pets are Forever sweater

so according to the owner's manual of my car, I am supposed to have an empty vase whenever I am driving...I always have my pink plush VW daisy there though! hah.

more cloud love

steeples. and clouds, again.

1953 leather stools & counter. BAM painting.

oh, Target. Christmas Goldfish in the Easter aisle, really?

twinnies! dirty white Beetle & Luna (: love parking next to white ones for the obvious color difference!

Easter weather was crazy. grey sky in the morning, I didn't even see color for sunrise. then it was windy, then rainy. it was sunny again out on the water, but then grey once again. then the sun finally came back out for this picture! (:
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