Monday, September 30, 2013

something old

not the greatest picture, but the only one that I have

I was born on my great-grandmother's eighty-second birthday. When I was younger, I used to go over to her apartment with my mom multiple times a week. I remember playing with the set of dishes that was in the closet of her sewing room/spare bedroom, playing cards and other board games, and eating delicious food that she had cooked. She was the best pie baker!

The comb, mirror, and hairbrush pictured above were always on the dresser in her bedroom.

She passed away a few weeks after her 94th {my 11th} birthday. Her daughter, my grandmother, told me that I could have these items of hers.

These items are special to me because they remind me of her.


30 September 2013 :: Share a photo of something old. Maybe something that has personal history for you, that was passed down to you, and that has special meaning to you. Tell us about it and why it's special.

Friday, September 27, 2013

dear facebook friends

I would like to preface this by saying that even if you do these things, I probably still love you. (:

I figured it would be a good idea to have Facebook open as I type this post.

Dear couple who just got married, you are adorable and so are the pictures!

Dear couple who recently broke up, you may have blocked one another or deleted each other or whatever, but that doesn't prevent all of your friends from seeing your negative comments about one another. please stop. it's incredibly juvenile.

Dear person who writes one incredible long status every day, maybe you should just write it in a journal for yourself.

Dear people who post many status updates every day, why? what is the point on updating every one of your hundreds {thousands?} of friends every time you do something?

Dear people who have their child/ren's picture for their profile picture, why? that's not you! I'm confused...

Dear people who post only selfies, please stop.

ps - I hate facebook.


Friday 27 September 2013 :: an anonymous letter to your Facebook friends

Thursday, September 26, 2013

stream of consciousness

Free write day. I’m sitting here at Glas {read about it in Tuesday’s post here}. It’s quarter to two on a Monday.

I’m just supposed to write about what’s going through my mind, right?

{insert sip of drink here. ouch. it’s still pretty hot. tastes a little different than usual.}

The bridge is up because there is a sailboat going through. I always think it’s funny to watch people waiting in line for one of the three bridges here in Sturgeon Bay, but I don’t think it’s funny when every tourist slows down when crossing them, I mean honestly, it’s just water below with some boats and docks and such, no big deal.

Wow. Kudos to anyone who reads this random jumble of thoughts.

I brought my camera with me, maybe to take a picture of what it looks like in here, but I get so nervous with all of the people around. I didn’t feel like bringing my ugly camera bag with me, so I just put my MacBook in it’s InCase in a Vera Bradley tote with charger cords and then I put my camera body and lens each in a separate Vera Bradley cosmetic bag. But they’re quilted so that’s extra padding, right?

So the caramel in this caramel crunch cocoa tastes a little weird. I don’t know, it’s just different than usual.

It seems like people are starting to clear out now. There are some empty tables now. I’m sitting in one of the comfy chairs on the stage, so I have a view of pretty much everyone here, except the lovely ladies when they’re working behind the counter.

Maybe I should free right more often, this seems like a lot of words. Okay, I really need to take a picture. Everyone is engrossed in their own conversations, so maybe they won’t notice and think it’s weird.

I took two pictures, looked up, and saw that someone was staring at me. She must not be a blogger.

I just pulled up the prompts for Blogtember, and noticed that part of today’s suggestions is to write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. List time, yay!

Happy things:
-puffy clouds and bright blue skies
-knowing that my friends arrive in thirty-one days
-completing this week’s event marketing homework a few days early
-working ahead on note taking for psychology so I can get stuff done and out of the way
-being told by a guest this weekend that I have a great smile
-knowing that I will probably be watching the season premiere of Modern Family
when this post gets published
-rocking out to Ruby James’s “Voudoo Queen” album while driving
-checking the Fall Color Report on estimated peak color time for Door County is the third week of October. I can’t wait to go out and take some pictures!
-getting to spend time with some of the cutest and funniest little kids once or twice a week
-the fact that the happy list is longer than the sad list
-thinking about placement of my second tattoo

Sad things:
-family stuff
-not getting to see one of my friends who is unable to make it up in a month, but is currently three hours away working on a recording project
-my nails are totally chipped and I haven’t had time to repaint them (#firstworldproblems)
-sometimes listening to Geri X’s albums “The Kid” and “Whiskey and Cigarettes” make me really sad, especially “Seven of Spades” and “Scavenger Hunt”
-Blogtember is almost over and I won’t know what to write about anymore!
-the cooling temperature of this caramel crunch cocoa is starting to give me a headache


26 September 2013 :: Go to a coffee shop. Order a favorite drink. Write about what makes you happy and what makes you sad. Or write about anything you'd like! Bonus points for including a photo from the coffee shop. (I recommend downloading Ommwriter and bringing headphones along!) *if you can't make it to a coffee shop, at least leave your usual space and write someplace new.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

regrets and mistakes, they are memories made.

I had quite a bit of difficulty thinking about what I wanted to write for today's prompt. Not because I don't think that I've made any mistakes {no one is perfect; we all make mistakes}, but because I didn't know what I was comfortable with sharing on the blog.

So this is how I'm going to answer this one:

If I could go back in time, I would work a little harder at my high school classes. Don't get me wrong, I did pretty great {if I may say so myself} in high school, but if I would have worked just a little bit harder in a few classes, I could have graduated with honors. I did end up graduating with the required GPA for honors, but I got it in 8 semesters instead of 7, so I didn't technically graduate with honors.

I also wish that I would have worked a little harder in some of my college classes. I would love to be able to say that I got straight A's in college, but I missed a few of those.

And this semester? I wish that I would have been a little more focused on getting stuff done the past few weeks. I really need to work on my internship {actually, credit for life} paperwork!

here's a funny mistake though: we have a couple vending machines at work, and it is my job to empty the money from them and restock the candy and soda. one evening, while putting quarters in a plastic bag {I think it was an ice bucket liner [I work at a hotel]}, I spun the bag a little bit to close it, and quarters exploded everywhere! thanks, Eric, for cleaning most of them up!


25 September 2013 :: write about a time you screwed up - a mistake you made

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

my favorite coffeehouse

{this is NOT a sponsored post and I have NOT been compensated in any way for this post. all opinions are my own.}

I don't drink coffee. I don't like the bitter way that it tastes, but I do enjoy coffee-flavored ice cream. Is that weird? Probably.

I love Glas. Glas is a locally-owned green coffeehouse.

My favorite hot drink from Glas is the caramel crunch cocoa, which is hot cocoa topped with whipped cream, drizzled with caramel, and sprinkled with sea salt.

I am also pretty partial to their smoothies. I had always gotten the strawberry one, but then I discovered the cherry vanilla, which is equally amazing!

I actually took my Race, Ethnic, & Diversity final here with my friend Erin last August.

Clearly, I enjoy taking pictures of my beverage when I go there.

They also serve some really delicious food! They have a little bakery case with yummy treats, and they also serve sandwiches & wraps, salads, and soups.

My favorite thing to eat there is the grilled cheese with white cheddar and provolone cheese on French bread.

They have some extra large windows that are perfect for admiring clouds and blue skies and watching the bridges go up!

They also host live music, which is pretty cool! (:

The first time I ever drove Luna, I went over the steel bridge to go to Glas for a strawberry smoothie! (: {this picture above is on my one year anniversary of that day!}


24 September 2013 :: review a book, place, or product

Monday, September 23, 2013

as of late

I think the reason that I usually don't write about my day-to-day life is that I think it's pretty boring. I like to read about everyone else's because you all have lives that are much more exciting than mine!

I work at a hotel, one of the few places that never sleeps. Hotels are literally 24/7 businesses. You can't close a hotel because it's a holiday like banks, and restaurants, and stores. I work every weekend - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, plus two other days in the week.

On top of those nearly forty hours a week, I also teach one class a week at the local YMCA, and I am taking my last three classes before I graduate with my associate's degree. One of those classes is Event Marketing, another Intro to Psychology {pictured above}, and the third is a class {that only meets four times} about how to write a resume, fill out an application, etc. For Event Marketing, I am taking the first half online, and Psych is every other class online, but of course the busiest week at work is the week that I have to be in person for all three classes! It's going to be quite an adventurous week, and it will be a lot of juggling, but I think I can pull a Tim Gunn and make it work.

And finally, every Sunday morning I help out with Children's Liturgy of the Word during Mass. I teach with another woman, and we switch off planning and leading every week, which is nice. The kids are great!

What else is going on? I completed one of the items from my Twenty While Twenty list!!! I created a Facebook page for my photography! I also ordered some business cards! Hopefully I'm able to turn this into a little something! (:


Monday 23 September :: a "life lately" post

Friday, September 20, 2013


leggings and a tank top.
caramel crunch cocoa. {pictured above}
cool breeze from off the water on a hot summer day.
my favorite pair of berry Converse.
American Eagle's super stretch skinny jeans.
cardigans on an autumn evening.
scarves and peacoats.
clean pajamas and fresh sheets.
knowing you belong right where you are.
a hug from someone you haven't seen in a while.


20 September 2013 :: react to this term: comfort

Thursday, September 19, 2013


To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century. But still, I promised Lauren that I would be there, so I changed into my alice + olivia dress and fixed my makeup.

As I walked out of my apartment, phone and purse in hand, I turned off the lights and grabbed my car keys. I stepped into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind me, and walked towards the stairs. As I descended down the first of three sets of stairs, my phone chimed with a text from Lauren, who was wondering where I was. I responded to let her know that I was on my way, late as always.

I got in my car and started the ignition, before pulling out of my parking spot and beginning to navigate the busy streets of Chicago.

After passing probably ten different Starbucks, I made the final right turn onto Lauren's street and located a parking space.

7:14. I was fourteen minutes late, and I knew that Lauren was either furious with me for throwing her timing off, or everyone was already carrying on as if I wasn't supposed to be there anyway.

There was only one way to find out.

I walked across the street and rang the bell at the door of Lauren's townhouse. The door flung open, but Lauren and her guests were nowhere to be found; he was the only one there.

And that night was the beginning of the rest of my life.


19 September 2013 :: Creative writing day: write a (very short) fictional story that starts with this sentence: "To say I was dreading the dinner party would be the understatement of the century."
The story does not necessarily need to have a conclusion - you can leave your readers wishing for more!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

secret beach

Wednesday 18 September :: only pictures

my aunt calls this place secret beach, but its real name is Portage Park. not far from the Coast Guard Canal Station in Sturgeon Bay, it's easy to miss if you're not sure what you're looking for. if I didn't see the half-hidden sign, I would have driven right past...

there is a small gravel driveway that winds through the trees, and then, there is sand and waves for as far as you can see.

hidden beauty.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

oh, memories.

Tuesday 17 September :: a memory you would love to relive

{I don't like to talk about this night online, as it brings back sad memories. names have not been shared to protect the innocent - and the guilty.}

oh, how I wish I had a picture of myself from that night. I remember the exact outfit that I was wearing that Sunday: a light aqua v-neck tee from Old Navy, with a turquoise tank top from Target underneath, paired with dark wash American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend jeans, and a pair of cheetah print kitten heels from Target.

I was so happy. So, so happy and giddy and excited.

I had to work that afternoon, but I was getting off just in time to attend a concert.

I was so excited to see the man, and to get to see him perform. my happiest part of the day was preparing for his arrival, and of course when he arrived. I remember not being shy and asking "Do I get a hug?"

the rest of my shift leading up to the concert was a happy blur of my regular duties and running upstairs to ask stupid questions.

I remember purchasing a shirt and a cd before the concert. I still have the $5 I got in change from him. it sits in my top dresser drawer, and maybe someday I would love to give it back to him.

I remember walking up the stairs before the concert with my friends, knowing that we already had reserved front row seats, and I remember one of my friends commenting on how giddy I was.

the concert flew by, and I don't really remember a whole lot of important details, like which songs he played.

after the concert, I said bye, and I remember being so excited that he pulled me in for another hug and some sweet words.

as I was leaving, I got to say goodbye one last time, not knowing that that would be the last time for a long time {nearly two a and a half years so far, but who's counting?} that I would see him.

I just want to bottle up the happiness from that night.


Monday, September 16, 2013

unromantic love letter

{from Thursday night. more photos coming soon!!}

dear beard two,

you don't know it, but that's your code name.

you mean a lot to me.

about a year and a half passed between the first time that we met and the next time that I talked to you. yet again, that wonderful place where I work is what brought me this friendship.

I vaguely remember meeting you that October, but I remember a lot of great things since "re-meeting" you (if that makes any sense) a year and a half ago. you are quite the gentleman. the fact that you take the time to make me feel special has made my day on more than one occasion. and when you randomly come up to me for a hug? theeee best.

anyway, what I really wanted to say is this: thank you so much for your kind words outside the bar a week and a half ago. I was thinking about those things that you said on Thursday night while I was out taking pictures, and I just want you to know that those words meant so much to me.

I don't think you'll ever know how much you mean to me. you're incredible, and you literally and metaphorically rock. never stop being you.

I love you.



Friday, September 13, 2013


I don't take very many pictures of myself anymore. I think that's maybe because when I was in high school, I took probably hundreds of pictures of myself, not necessarily out of vanity, but out of boredom.

Today's topic on Blogtember is "a self portrait."

Last night, I went out and took some pictures. It was pretty hard, as I don't have a tripod and it was really windy and cold. Oh, and because I was eaten alive by mosquitoes. I'm sure you will notice the two giant red spots on my face.

sweater: Target // tee: Old Navy // tank top: Target








Target shopper.

cupcake baker.

telephone answerer.

smoothie drinker.

preschool instructor.

Sunday school teacher.

photograph taker.

music listener.

book & blog reader.

blog writer.

Instagram addict.

color lover.

Volkswagen driver.



and so much more.

I feel really weird sharing pictures of myself on my blog, and I'm not sure why.

and here's a preview video of what will be on the blog soon:


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