Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Can't Believe...

linking up with Miss Robin at The Sunshine Diary today! (:

I can't believe...

...that I left Target without buying the one item I went there to buy. (I didn't even set foot into that aisle!)

...the weather lately! first it was warm, then it snowed a few inches, then it warmed up a little, and we might get more snow on Friday!

{this is from Monday out on Mathey Road} beautiful and peaceful it was out at the lake on Monday morning.

{Lily Bay Boat Landing; Lake Michigan}

...that not all cereal is packaged like the vintage General Mills boxes below.

{they were on sale 2/$5 & also had Honey Nut Cheerios, Cheerios, & Cocoa Puffs! too cute!}

...that I graduate in December! four more weeks + my credit for life internship and three more classes!

{I also can't believe that I found Timbuk3 inspired party d├ęcor at Target! clearly the product designer doesn't know what the song is actually about, but I digress.} {click here to watch "The Future's So Bright}

...that I got my first things from IKEA today! I've never been to IKEA, as there isn't one anywhere in Wisconsin, but my aunt and uncle got me some cute pillow covers from there! (:

{if only I would have remembered the 20x20 pillow at Target today...}

thanks for hosting this fun linkup, Robin! (:

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