Monday, July 22, 2013

if I could be anything in the world...

this prompt was very difficult for me to have something to write about! I wasn't sure how I wanted to answer this one...

for the past six years, I have worked at the Y with 4-6 year olds. I teach a tumbling class, I used to teach swimming lessons, and I am a camp counselor. I absolutely love that age, because they are so creative and they say the funniest things!

this morning, as I was at the Y getting things ready for camp this week, I was in child care typing up our camp newsletter. my supervisor was sitting next to me feeding one of the many babies whose parents were working out or teaching classes. right after she finished feeding little Elise, another baby started crying, and she needed to go help one of the little boys. so she handed me Elise. as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes, I realized that {someday}, I want to be a mom.


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