Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Life, Investment Pieces, & Impulse Buys

Wow. it's been two weeks since I've last posted here. life has been moving at a rapid pace. Here are some pictures about what's been going on lately (:

there was some filming done in the lobby of the motel in early February. there's another camera on the banister that is barely visible behind this camera. I can't really talk too much about it, as I don't want internet stalkers, but I'm going to be on tv! (:

I bought this journal that Kayla talked about on her blog. I love it so much!

seriously so adorable. I am loving it.

I also got this timer!

my collection is now complete!

bedside. {the bottom is my car manual...haha no comment.}

Ruby's killer boots. {please ignore the dirty floor}

my sister got me two roses for Valentine's Day.

my dad also got me flowers. they're in a cute red vase. unfortunately, the picture I have of the whole arrangement has a not so pretty background.

Max, yesterday.

I went to Target yesterday. I picked up the last four of these plates. so cute! any tips on removing stickers from dishes?

I always love the frames in the holiday section. they are way better quality that the ones I have gotten from the frame section. I especially love the fun detailing on these two.

I have gotten these glitter ones from a few different holidays now! I have orange, ivory, black, aqua, red, and now this light coral.

I found this handmixer for half off in the back section.

only $10 and it came with extra attachments!

argyle + knee high socks + red clearance sticker = must buy

the reason I went to Target in the first place: shampoo & conditioner. these were on sale for $5 each, and if you bought 3, you got a $5 Target gift card. I resisted!

I'm a sucker for Lip Smackers.

I always buy them when they're on clearance!

such fun flavors too!

I got some Disney Princess ones too! (: {Spun Sugar Shine, Vanilla Sparkle, Cherry Kiss} these ones are shimmery.

I did resist buying Valentine chocolate and Oreos though! they had the birthday cake Oreos, which I still want to try, and some mega stuffed ones!

oh! and I got my certification certificates in the mail from American Hotel & Lodging Association for Front Office Management and Housekeeping Management!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

First Things First & Tuesday's Tunes!

Linking up with Hallie & Halie today for First Things First!

First Things First

This seems like a fun linkup to learn new things about everyone!


First trip out of the country:

Canada. Like across the river from Detroit on one of many Detroit trips with my parents and sister. On our way into Canada, they stopped us because I didn't have an ID {I was like ten or eleven} and they questioned me about who I was with - like they thought my parents kidnapped me! I find this so funny since my mom and sister and I look soooo much alike. When we got into Canada, we had my uncle fax over a copy of my birth certificate in case they didn't want to let us back into the US. haha.

First major purchase on your own:

I would have to say either Luna or college. I paid for both on my eighteenth birthday!

First thing you learned how to cook:

Ummm...probably pasta or scrambled eggs or grilled cheese or something of the like!


and another one of my favorite linkups: Tuesdays Tunes with Les!

Leslyn's Lovely Life

I've been listening to Liv Mueller's album "Liv Sings" a lot lately. My favorite song on the album is "Haunted Face," but unfortunately, I couldn't find it on YouTube (here is a preview of the song on Amazon), so here is the official video for "One More Time" which is also on the album!

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Month by iPhone: January 2013

Another month over, another nearly three hundred photos in my iPhoto...here are some of my favorite iPhone shots from this month!

textbooks for this semester - plus a $40 piece of paper to get into the simulated restaurant

I love this shot of my Luna and one of my favorite places on earth

I had to take the Christmas ornaments off the tree at work :(

I love notecards! these were found in the clearance section at HomeGoods

another Beetle at school! not only does this one make Luna not look white, it also makes her look clean! haha (: {she still needs a carwash...}

I'm in love with my Vera Bradley fringe scarf in Go Wild!

I baked some cupcakes...

...and then I ate them

the bridge!

my cousin makes soy candles. this one is called Holly Berry and it smells like Christmas!

crayons! {I participate in FatMumSlim's #fmsphotoaday on Instagram which is great for inspiration!}

sunset at the Y

starlight mints in a record bowl at work

someday I will read these books {that I stole from my dad for this picture}

giant cinnamon roll from a local coffee shop...it was pretty annoying to try to eat this with a plastic fork!

found an accordion while thrifting

forever in love with clouds. I think I took this picture one morning on the way to class.

have you pinned these amazing printables yet? I love them!

and of course a fridge picture.

making beds and loving our vintage Simmons furniture. I want it all. {side note: does anyone know where I could find more of these pillowcases? I know that they are originally from IKEA, but we're looking to get more of them. we have a few different patterns and they're all really cute!}

these gloves are so super soft!

this is Sherman.

this is my Danelectro!

Max, my lap cat.

backyard. this was Friday. it melted on Saturday.

on the tree.

bathroom floor; room 233

this was Sunday night. this snow melted on Monday & Tuesday.

through the moonroof.

 I love my new belt from Target! it matches Luna! (:


caramel crunch cocoa and The Elegance of the Hedgehog while listening to Geri X at the green coffeehouse.

had to pull out the Harley boots because of all of the snow on Wednesday {my jeans still got soaked}

yay for finding Valentine's stickers in my stash! (:

Here's to a great February! Do you have anything exciting planned?
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