Monday, March 14, 2016

I guess this is goodbye.

it's been two weeks since I last opened up Blogger. two weeks ago, I was in my room at the house of friends of friends in St. Pete and getting ready to drive to Orlando to spend the day at Universal, but I somehow remembered to log in to post my week in photos post.

this was the first time that I traveled without bringing my laptop with me. I had my phone, yes, so I had facebook, instagram, and texting, but it was so good to be away from the rest of social media and the internet. I was visiting one of my best friends for a few days, and it was so great to just get to hang out and talk with her while she showed me around her home.

this trip to Florida really was life changing for me, and one of the things I took back to Wisconsin with me is that I don't need to be this connected or worried about things on the internet, and I really enjoyed not worrying so much about editing photos and typing into a white box for three people to read the past few weeks.

I'm not deleting the blog, but I won't be posting here anymore.


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