Monday, February 29, 2016

8/52 :: 2016

this was a weird "try to get back to normal life" but also "tie up loose ends" week, so here are some random photos from that.

Friday 19 February // day fifty :: I still can't get over these walls.

Saturday 20 February // day fifty-one :: I don't know what to say here. just taking random photos.

Sunday 21 February // day fifty-two :: my favorite page so far.

Monday 22 February // day fifty-three :: couldn't help myself! cute socks always and Frenchies forever!

Tuesday 23 February // day fifty-four :: stars from my stars.

Wednesday 24 February // day fifty-five :: thank you, Target, for fueling my trail mix obsession.

Thursday 25 February // day fifty-six :: this is how I pack.


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