Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Month By iPhone: October 2012

wow, the past two weeks have been cuh-razzzzy! but, I'm back!! (:

here are some iPhone shots from this month.

I'm in love with my shoes! took this picture running errands downtown at the post office (:

parked next to another Beetle at the YMCA! this one is light blue (:

pasta is my go to meal: noodles, butter, shredded cheese, & red sauce! (:

one of my coworkers painted these awesome pumpkins by hand!

I love fall colors!

borrowed a car to go to shirt matched the xB! (:

Hot Fudge Sundae Pop-Tarts!

haha all of these food these!

fall commute to work...drizzly day.

one of our "Walter's Dogs" paintings (by Walter Salas Humara)

we have music magnetic poetry magnets that someone gave us for Christmas in 2010. they're on the mini fridge in the diner. gotta love what people come up with!

painted my nails! (: Vodka & Caviar (Russian Collection) and Glitzerland (Swiss Collection).

driving over a bridge. I love clouds!

fall drive to school. foggy day.

my manager's fortune.

I learned how to make paper hats in class...

see...more clouds.

breakfast while the musicians are in town - pastries and Jameson.

going out on Saturday night! Z Spoke by Zac Posen dress and Target heels (:

a photo symbolizing Luna's former life as the house of a traveling musician - I call this "Luna and a Lowebow" (Lowebow cigar box guitar built by Johnny Lowebow).

super cute baby boy onesies at Old Navy - I'm in love with these!

one of our musicians bought us a parrot piƱata before he left (:

full moon - Monday 29 October

outfit of the day - Tuesday 30 October / socks: Target / jeggings: American Eagle / vintage fit v-neck tee: Old Navy / v-neck cardigan: Target

vintage pillows on our vintage couch in the lobby (:

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