Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I own twenty-six black tops...

...and other random facts.

* I'm not really a dog person, but I love little dogs with wrinkly faces (like Boston terriers and these French bulldogs) - so cute!

*I've never baked a cake.

*Most of the pins on my Pinterest are on the recipe board... {like nearly half...}

*Things that I always will buy more of: phone cases, lip balm, scarves, stationery, nail polish, and cardigans. {this should be a post in and of itself!}


*I laugh a lot.

*I want to meet the Osbournes and Carson Kressley.

*I usually put mascara on my right eye before my left eye.



  1. I own a lot of gray tops personally! Aren't we strange? Oh well. Black goes with everything.

  2. Lots of random facts! Most of my shirts are black or pink, but I definitely don't have 26 of any color! And baking cakes is hard, so I think it's understandable that you've never done it.


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