Monday, December 23, 2013

Pomp & Circumstance

On Friday evening, I graduated from college with my associate's degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management! There were about 1400 people graduating with me, but only about 325 of us walked.

All of us graduates had to get there an hour early to stand in a room. There were seven of us walking from my program, which our hospitality instructor said was a large number. The largest groups of graduates were from nursing and business management.

When I was standing with my group, I noticed that four of them were wearing gold cords (highest honors) and one was wearing teal cords (honors). I only got one, maybe two, B's in college, and the rest of my grades were A's, so I was wondering why I didn't have honor cords. I figured it was because I was added to the graduation list late, and I asked one of the other girls when she found out that she was honors. She said that she got the cords with her cap and gown. I was pretty annoyed and embarrassed that I didn't have cords too, since I thought that I had earned them.

After standing in the room for about an hour (and having our picture taken), we lined up to march into the other room where the ceremony was being held. I saw my mom, and she asked me where my cords were.

When we all sat down, I was looking at the program to make sure that I was listed, and I noticed that there were two asterisks by my name, indicating that I was graduating with highest honors. There was nothing on my card that I had to hand to the person to be announced when I walked across stage. I know that this isn't going to matter in five years, but I was pretty disappointed, especially because I just barely missed the cutoff for honors in high school.

college graduation. too many cameras and my dress is kind of short. December 2013.

high school graduation. June 2011.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That sucks that they had the mix-up with your cords. Did you ever find out what happened? Yay for graduating with highest honors though! That's so awesome!

  2. But you KNOW you graduated with honors. You did great! Congrats!


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