Monday, December 2, 2013

November 2013 Recap

I totally slacked on taking pictures this month. Wait, no. That's kind of a lie. I took over 1600 pictures this month, but a lot of them were from the first two nights of the month at the musical theatre shows that I went to to see some of my friends. I didn't really take like any pictures in the middle few weeks of the month.

a dusting of snow on the 22nd.

another picture from the 22nd. snow on the garage roof. it's crazy, because the leaves on that tree in the middle were just yellow!

Kiss Nail Dress Gradation Polishes - here's how they turned out! not sure if I like them or not.
I received this product for testing purposes from Influenster.

Sturgeon Bay. corner of Michigan Street and Third Avenue on Thanksgiving morning (approximately 9:45 am). I just love the historic buildings - they are colorful and I love all of the detailing. {I left this uncropped to prove that it was taken through my windshield while at a stop sign. Luna got waxed/cleaned a few weeks back and looked so shiny and glossy and pretty!}

Thanksgiving dessert - my aunt made a cranberry and egg nog tart with homemade whipping cream!

November NatureBox
Fall Cara Box Reveal
Influenster Rose VoxBox Reveal
Twenty While Twenty Three Month Progress
Rent the Runway Dresses (November 1st & 2nd)


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  1. You made that? Looks yummy!


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