Wednesday, January 29, 2014

4/52 2014

So you may or may not have noticed my jumble of letters up here last week. Oops! I tend to put those in at the top of the post before I add pictures, and then I go back and add some real words later. Clearly I forgot to fix that before I hit publish last week!

day twenty-two :: White Light. I was so excited to get to listen to this album straight through for the very first time. Once again, Geri did a wonderful job (and so did DanO, Ellie, and all of the other people involved)! This song is an homage to a dear friend of hers (and one of my friends as well) who passed away this past August. He is incredibly missed, and this song is such a beautiful tribute. #333

day twenty-three :: I picked these up the day before with the hopes that these would make a friend smile. It turns out they made me smile too. (: I love Japanese puzzle erasers, and I don't understand how anyone could actually use these as an eraser. They are too cute.

day twenty-four :: Behind the scenes of the NatureBox testing! I will share tomorrow what these packages contained and my thoughts on them!

 day twenty-five :: Have I mentioned that I love Lip Smackers? Or that I love mint chocolate?

day twenty-six :: Max ruling the bathroom counter.

day twenty-seven :: Monday was cold, cold, cold and I didn't want to leave the house. I ended up heading to the Y in the early evening to teach a class for someone whose kids were sick, but until then, I lounged around in these candy cane pajama pants (Old Navy, last winter) and a favorite sweater. The high for the day was -2, and that was before the wind chill. This winter has been pretty intense so far!

 day twenty-eight :: whole wheat spaghetti for lunch!



  1. I love those candy cane pjs! I've been wearing sweats all week. It's way too cold. I'm so over winter. I'm sure it's colder there though! Actually I know it's colder there. I'm so curious about NatureBox. I can't wait to hear about what you got!

  2. I have ;literally lived in sweats since December 5th! My kids have not been able to attend school...I can't get to the store to pick up necessities, I'm done with winter! lol.


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