Thursday, January 30, 2014

January 2014 Nature Box

I love sharing the contents of my Nature Box, and I was so sad that I didn't get to do that last month because I made a mistake and forgot to change my snacks, so my December box was identical to my November box. These are the snacks that I actually picked to get last month, but due to my mistake, I got them in January instead. I have learned to check my account, and I already have February picked out. (:

Here's a "behind the scenes" picture of what it looks like on my kitchen counter when I get my Nature Box in the mail.

First up, we have Banana Bread Granola. I was expecting this to be less of a dry granola, and more like the Apple Orchards granola that I received in an earlier box. This one is pretty crunchy. It has a banana taste, but I wouldn't say that it reminded me of banana bread, at least not the kind my mom makes!

These Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars really remind me of NutriGrain bars. Yum! They are smaller than a NutriGrain bar though. These each come individually wrapped (perfect for packing in a lunch), and, in my opinion, are best when served with a glass of milk.

I was most excited for the Dried California Peaches, and I think these might be my favorite thing in the box! These definitely met my expectations. I mean, they're peaches and they're dried fruit and I don't really know how else to describe them. They're really good!! I like the yellow, meaty part of the peach better than the skin!

I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't like chocolate covered pretzels. White chocolate covered pretzels, yes (but that's not really chocolate), but milk or dark chocolate covered pretzels, no. These had kind of a sour-ish taste (but not in a bad way). I would have liked a flavored yogurt coating (like strawberry or blueberry), but these were good.

I really like honey roasted nuts and seeds I guess. These Honeycomb Sunflower Kernels were really good. They are the perfect sweetness and a great little snack.



  1. Very interesting snacks. I love dark chocolate covered pretzels, but only if I make them myself! I'd like to try the granola.

  2. My roommate gets these, and she makes me want to get them too! The stuff in your box sounds so delicious, especially the pretzels and the peaches! I would LOVE to try those peaches!


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