Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 2013 Snaps

I shared some more pictures in posts this month than usual, so I only have a few mismatched shots for this post.

I ordered a new camera strap from the Poppy Shoppe on Etsy! It's leopard print and I love that it doesn't snag my clothes and scarves like my other {very beautiful} one did. I love that Rachel uses green packaging!

I went out to take pictures at Portage Park at sunrise, and this is all I got. :(

Christmas tree gingerbread and a little glove. So adorable. {Theses were baked by one of my mom's friends.}

I took this quiz on Buzzfeed, and this was my result. It made me laugh.

December 2013 by iPhone
Christmas 2013
College Graduation
Door County winter pictures
Christmas tree pictures
an evening at aloft in Green Bay

No NatureBox post this month, because I changed my snacks to late, so I got the same thing as I did in November.

Next week I will have a post up about my stay in Appleton!


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  1. I love the "happy mail" sticker! I want to get stickers like that and post it on all of the mail I send. I love that your Buzzfeed quiz had a blog reference in it. Too funny. I want to go take the quiz now!


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