Friday, March 21, 2014

10 Things I Like About Me

I saw some "Ten Things I Like About Myself" posts floating around, and I thought that that was a great post idea for self-confidence boosting, so here goes nothing!

1. my green eyes. both my parents and sister have blue eyes, so how I ended up with green eyes is beyond me.

{Instagram filter + iPhone camera makes my eyes look grey}

2. my strength. not like physical strength, because I don't really have a lot of that, but emotional strength. I've been through a lot the past few years (including, most recently, my parents' divorce), but I believe that I am able to work through the obstacles and continue to strive for my goals.

3. my independence. I am about to get my first apartment, and while it's scary to know that I will be living by myself, I know that I can do it. I just traveled to a big city for a few days, and coming from a small town, that was nerve wracking! the traffic was crazy and there were so many more people than I am used to, but I was safe and everything was okay.

4. my love for photography. it's so cool to me that everyone sees things in their own ways, and I love to capture the way that I see things.

{James Hall, Jimm McIver, & Andrea Wittgens // Dark Songs 2013}

5. my hair color. I have never dyed my hair (and I don't want to). it's a mix of light brown/blonde/brown/reddish. it looks different depending on the lighting.

6. my love for reading. I might not always have a lot of time for reading, but when I do, I love love love to read.

7. my tattoo. it means something to me, and it always will.

{fresh ink // 29 May 2013}

8. my memory and memories. I remember some pretty little things, like conversations with people, or significant dates.

9. my education. I worked hard and achieved my associate's degree in a field that I love.

10. my sweet tooth. there, I said it. I like cupcakes and I cannot lie.

{Cupcake in Minneapolis}



  1. Hmmm. So many people can only list things they DISLIKE about themselves! Good job lady.

  2. Aw yay! These are all wonderful things to like for yourself. I love green eyes! They're so pretty to me because they're so unique. I hardly see anyone with green eyes anymore. Luckily, Jon has green eyes. I love them! I so agree with the traffic in major cities. I live in a small city, so going to places with 4-6 lane traffic is so outrageous to me. I hate it.


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