Monday, March 3, 2014

The Month by iPhone: February 2014

There are definitely lots of scenes of love this month. Lots of pink and red and gold and glitter. Lots of beauty and lots of music.

One of our long-stay guests gives us all chocolate because he loves us. I wasn't having a great day, but I opened the chocolate to find this quote, which helped me put things into perspective.

My manager found these awesome coasters at a local antique store. They are vintage 1950's Rubbermaid coasters that are miniature versions of their Kar-Rugs. I instantly fell in love with these.

I found a bag full of Valentines from when I was in elementary school, and among my findings were Nsync (one of the boxes is unopened!), Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, two different Mary-Kate and Ashley kinds, Monsters Inc., Bugs Life, Blues Clues, Spy Kids, and a few other random ones. It was so crazy to come across all of these things I used to love!

I fell in love with the last few sentences from Liane Moriarty's The Husband's Secret. It's a really good book, and you should definitely read it!

I love these historic buildings!

hanging out in the studio!

 dinner prep

I love this door on the corner of 6th & Jefferson.


I think I might have overdone it with the cupcake stickers, but they match so perfectly and they are so adorable!

 the sky was so beautiful this day! too bad this picture doesn't do it justice.

the first picture in the "still life with musicians" mini-series. someone left their cup in the middle of the hallway.

coffee, lyrics, and musical instruments are all served in this diner.

more still life with musicians. that's Tony. he's a great bassist and a great person, too.

red, glitter, hearts, microphones, guitar, bass, saxophone, trombone. the stage is set.

Celeste made her famous fork cookies into hearts for Valentine's Day.

leopard for Saturday.

We love you, Billy.

I love when the fridge at work says funny things.

chocolate and a book.

trying out the Boots Botanics clay mask that I received from Influenster!

one time, some guests went up to their room after checking in, and he told me that their room didn't have any curtains in it. his partner said that he wanted to steal them. haha.

 I love these cute apple stamps! I had to get a book of 1 cent stamps as well, since the price on postcard stamps went up!

yum. this one kind of has a cinnamon kick to it.

glass shadows. {hand-blown glass sconce from Popelka Trenchard Glass. they are amazing. not only are all of their glass fixtures stunning, but Stephanie's paintings are beautiful as well. love love love.}


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