Wednesday, March 5, 2014

9/52 2014

This week started out pretty average, but then I took a trip to Minneapolis! Stay tuned for some more pictures soon!

Wednesday 26 February // day fifty-seven :: I love finding fun socks on clearance at Target!

Thursday 27 February // day fifty-eight :: what my purse usually looks like at work. I always need to put lotion on my hands!

Friday 28 February // day fifty-nine :: clean dishes

Saturday 1 March // day sixty :: Braeburns are my current apple favorite, paired with honey vanilla Greek yogurt, Chia seeds, and granola.

Sunday 2 March // day sixty-one :: sunset view from the bathroom of my hotel room in Minneapolis!

Monday 3 March // day sixty-two :: and the sunrise view!

Tuesday 4 March // day sixty-three :: I love exposed bricks, so I thought that the Mill City Museum and the surrounding Mill Quarter was absolutely beautiful.


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