Monday, April 6, 2015

The Month by iPhone :: March 2015

yet another month has just flown on by! I've been working on some projects for myself, and I got out to enjoy the beauty of Door County a few times this month. I'm still waiting for the grass to not be brown and for the branches to not be bare though.

here are some squares from this month. (:

lines and not lines and colors

...never ending photo project

 the emergency is that we miss you.

looking lovely.

chasing sunset at Door County Boat Launch {Monday 9 March}

working on some coloring! {I just searched for mid century modern coloring pages}

cherry orchard

partially frozen Ephraim waters

eating NatureBox snacks while working on a Social Print Studio photobook of my Florida pictures! (:

 pretty waters at the canal. we're still waiting for the spring blooms here.

I am so so in love with Oliver Jeffers, his art, and his handwriting!

 always and forever. ❤️

distressed bricks are my favorite.

I got a haircut! and a Minnie Mouse sticker from one of my preschoolers (:

trying to pick a dessert to bring to Easter. gotta love my lady Betty Crocker!

one of my lovely musician friends stopped by, and we were talking about the gold stars that I give out for good behavior, and she had this great suggestion that I keep them with me and give them to anyone doing good things!

room art. it bothers me that the frame on this one is not at all straight.


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