Thursday, April 9, 2015

14/52 2015

I nearly forgot to replace the filler text up here this week!

This week was Easter, and I baked some chocolate chip cookies to take to the family gathering at my grandparents' house. I might have to post the recipe on here because they were adorable.

I started watching SNL a few weeks ago, starting with the 2004-2005 season. I've now made it into fall 2008, and Seth Meyers is so adorable! I would love to meet him and Amy Poehler (the cutest pregnant lady ever). Actually, no, I would love to meet the cast for like all of the seasons that I've been watching because they are incredible.

aaaaand no transition into the pictures...

Thursday 2 April // day ninety-two :: April showers hopefully bring May flowers.

Friday 3 April // day ninety-three :: making cookie dough to bake cookies the next day!

Saturday 4 April // day ninety-four :: too cool for a photograph.

Sunday 5 April // day ninety-five :: Easter on the bay.

Monday 6 April // day ninety-six :: preschool books for this week {Marcel the Shell: the Most Surprised I've Ever Been // Where's Walrus? // Little Owl's Night // Up, Tall and High! // Little Owl Lost}

Tuesday 7 April // day ninety-seven :: I'm up in the sky, I should consider myself blessed. {Just a Star by pat mAcdonald}

Wednesday 8 April // day ninety-eight :: I just really like fun socks.


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