Thursday, April 23, 2015

16/52 2015

In true Door County fashion, the weather around here has been pretty weird lately. It was semi-warm (we're talking around 55), and the grass turned green. The trees have started to blossom a little bit, but I'm waiting for them to really start blooming before I go out again to get some pictures especially since it was SNOWING yesterday. None of it stuck here since the ground was too warm, but it was still annoying to me. (:

Here's a little glimpse into my week. It wasn't too exciting though.

Thursday 16 April // day one hundred six :: Macintosh apples are my favorite.

Friday 17 April // day one hundred seven :: I must admit that Talenti gelato is one of my favorite things.

Saturday 18 April // day one hundred eight :: I am one of those people who likes to make her bed every morning because it just looks better and I feel like I accomplished something. Saturdays are the best though because I do the laundry so they are fresh sheets. (:

Sunday 19 April // day one hundred nine :: my Tattly order came the day before and I am so excited about it!

Monday 20 April // day one hundred ten :: I was going to plan my lesson for Sunday, but then I ended up getting busy with other errands and such.

Tuesday 21 April // day one hundred eleven :: shooting for a post about my second Stitch Fix!

Wednesday 22 April // day one hundred twelve :: I saw these salt and pepper shakers the last time that I was at Target, and I just fell in love with them, because I love little dogs with wrinkly noses, most especially French bulldogs and Boston terriers. there were two salt shakers left next to a pepper shaker, and I didn't buy any of them because I already have a matryoshka salt and pepper shaker set that I don't use. well, today there was one lone salt shaker, so I bought it for my dresser.


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