Monday, February 15, 2016

6/52 :: 2016

my gold stars came home for a week and I love them. here are some pictures from the week with only a few words because I'm super tired.

Friday 5 February // day thirty-six :: dear Ben & Jerry's, your Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream is wonderful, especially while working on coloring and watching SNL, but sometimes the cookies are too big.

Saturday 6 February // day thirty-seven :: I colored twenty-one of these for my gold stars, who arrive tomorrow. {the printables can be found here.}

Sunday 7 February // day thirty-eight :: my loves arrived, and one of them brought some fancy cookies from the Pink Bakery.

Monday 8 February // day thirty-nine :: some love from above. (thanks, Teflon.)

Tuesday 9 February // day forty :: Matt and Andrea diner song rehearsal. they wrote a beautiful song about one of my photographs, but they were practicing a different song at the time of this picture.

Wednesday 10 February // day forty-one :: my sweet love Bruiser. I held him for about an hour after this. <3

Thursday 11 February // day forty-two :: Wade plays the most stylish upright I have ever seen.


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