Tuesday, February 2, 2016

the month by iPhone :: January 2016

January was quite the ride, getting settled into my new apartment and into a new schedule, a trip to Chicago to see some friends, and a couple Door County adventures.

some of our guests had seen me out the night before at a NYE party, so they knew that I wasn't feeling the best on the first and brought dessert for me. (:

bedroom <3

coffee prep time!

closet clean out time with thredUP.

I love all of the Valentine's Day stuff at Target, but the Crayola things are my very favorite, and I just love the smell of fresh Crayola crayons.

sparkle snow.

life advice.

IKEA checkout line on a Sunday. I forgot that it might be busy.

my newest friend Tucker.

unicorn love.

updating the mini gallery in my hallway.

a library haul.

colors and shapes.

five years with Luna Lovebug! recreating a picture from that first drive, but this time with a weather-appropriate drink.

it probably wasn't the greatest idea to be out on the pier when it is so ice-covered, but it was so pretty!

working on a Valentine's Day project. as always, the printable can be found here.

this picture is less creepy than it seems.

I would like to know what happened here. was someone trying to steal Fiestaware?

inception, of sorts.

shiny clean tiles.


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