Thursday, September 13, 2012

Future Dwellings

I love Pinterest. It's a great place to organize all different kinds of inspiration all together. And I think it looks pretty, too. But I dislike knowing that I can't have everything that I see there.

There are a few things that I definitely want someday when I move out.

The first is exposed brick walls. I think they are gorgeous.

(from here)

There is a coffeehouse in Green Bay, Wisconsin that pulls off this look perfectly. Kavarna Coffeehouse is, by far, the prettiest coffeehouse I've ever been to.

Another thing that I absolutely have to do is to get a big world map, and pin all of the places that I've been! :)

I want a lot of photographs on the wall, and a big kitchen. I want enough counter space so that my KitchenAid doesn't have to hide in the basement. And bookshelves! With lots of books and pretty little things!

I want a closet, with real doors. Or any kind of way to enclose it really.

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