Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have an addiction.

Target. Target is my addiction. I just really love Target. I go to there like once a week to look at the sales and clearance items haha. My mom and I went there today, actually, after I got done with my class.

I picked up a few things of course. Lately, they've had sc√ľni hair products in the dollar section (I got two 16-pack bobby pins a few weeks ago), and today they had the hair ties I like in a 16-pack. So I had to get them. Also in the dollar section, they had some 40-square-foot wrapping paper, so I got a roll of pink with white, green, and yellow cupcakes on it. I looked around the clearance clothes, but there wasn't really anything that I wanted. We walked around for a little bit longer; I love to look at the endcaps for good clearance items. I wanted to look at the Halloween section, so we went to the back corner. I can't wait until after Halloween to score some of that awesome candy! :) There was a bunch of school stuff on clearance there too! There were some erasers that I have been eyeing every time I've been back in the school section...well, today I found them. They were in the 70% off section & there was only one left. At fifty-eight cents, I couldn't pass them up.

We also found Annie's mac & cheese for half off ($1.04) so we tried bunnies & carrots. (:

In other unrelated news, I updated both my iPod touch & my iPhone to iOS 6...I'm not really impressed. I was hoping for Siri (I have the iPhone 4), and I thought she was somehow integrated in now? But I can't find her. Also, I really wanted that panoramic camera, but it's only on the iPhone 5 :(

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