Monday, June 10, 2013

the one in which Teresa wears a dress & gets a tattoo

I will probably regret posting some of these pictures later, since this dress does not fit well at all! But my mom thinks it's a cute dress, and she knows that this is the only time that I will probably ever wear it, so she wanted to take some pictures haha.

I bought this dress a few months back at Old Navy for ninety-seven cents on the clearance rack. The belt that I'm wearing was purchased at Target on clearance, but it's too small to wear with jeans :( And the cardigan and flats? Also on clearance at Target! haha.

When I bought this dress, I knew that it would be perfect to wear when I went to get my tattoo, since it leaves my shoulder blade fully exposed, yet I am still clothed! (:

I have been thinking about getting this tattoo for a few years, and I received a gift certificate from my dad for my birthday (in August), and I finally got around to scheduling an appointment, so I went in the afternoon of Wednesday the twenty-ninth of May to get it done! I was so nervous when I got there, but Polly was great!

suckers & tattoos! (:

it didn't hurt that bad!

before bandaging. it didn't take too long, maybe twenty minutes?

so here's what I wore (: I'm not very good at getting my picture taken!

it took some dress tape to make it feel like it wasn't going to fall off!

hahaha. bandaging. those things are also used for meat packaging?

yes, my skin is truly this pale, and I love it! I'm not a big fan of fake tanning, and my skin does not do very well in the sun. I clearly inherited that trait from my mom, not my dad who tans easily.

about an hour and a half after it was applied.

stickers & the stencil Polly used! (:

typically, someone getting a tattoo of "forever young" is a cliché, but since Young is my last name, it means something to me. this tattoo is for my blood family.



  1. Love the tattoo! I think it's adorable!

  2. What a cute tattoo and an awesome idea for it! I love it! And I'm glad you do too! Yay!

  3. That's super cute. My friend's last name is Mann and she's always doing little things that are a play on words with it.

  4. I really like the tattoo! I think the placement is really good as well! Thanks for linking up :)


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