Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Month By iPhone: May 2013

I know I say this every month, but seriously, how can another month have gone by?! I posted each day for the first time ever, but I've been kind of slacking on my Instagramming. here are some of my favorite square-shaped captures from this past month.

I bought my big girl camera this month!!!!! :D

last day of Restaurant Management: Paula brought in cupcakes (she was trying out a new recipe). they're vanilla with vanilla buttercream and raspberry filling. so good!!

Baileys Harbor

my 1000th Instagram: my nails {essie's smooth sailing}

I am in love with these pillow covers!

balcony + clouds

pretty flowers at the Y

I just love Barnes & Noble.

 lesson planning for Sunday

I got my 2014 agenda in the mail! it is so cute!

lilacs at work (:


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