Monday, June 24, 2013

Ten Things

Ten Things I Live For/Can't Live Without

1. my students: whether it's the kids I teach on Sundays with Children's Liturgy of the Word, my summer campers, or my tumbling class, they always bring a smile to my face

2. the musicians who have come into my life and made it better. they mean so much to me, and whenever I get to see them or spend any time with them, I am so happy. they've all taught me things, whether it's something important like standing up for myself, or something not as important like how to waltz. they amaze me, and they've made my life crazily wonderful. they aren't as bad of influences as people think.

Kim Manning & Miss Meaghan Owens - two of the best role models

melaniejane & pat mAconald {PurgAtory Hill} - my extra parents

3. social media & my iPhone - aka my connection to the outside world

4. the music that my wonderful friends create - because a silent world would be quite sad

5. taking pictures & capturing the moment - memories are easier to remember with a corresponding picture. that's my thinking at least ;)

6. Door County. the beautiful place I call home.

autumn in Door County

Ephraim; May 2013
apple blossoms; May 2013

7. learning. whether it's college classes, learning to use my new DSLR, or learning to play the guitar (yes, I'm back at it!), I am always trying to broaden my horizons.

8. Target. sad but true. I just love to walk around and look at all of the pretty things.

9. baking. I love creating in the kitchen, especially when it's cold outside!

10. my real family. they're pretty important too. they're the reason that I'm here and that I am who I am.


ps this is my one hundredth post!

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