Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten on Ten :: February 2014

Here's a little day-in-the-life during a music week at work (:

9:00 :: like most Mondays (my day off!), this one started kind of late after a long weekend. breakfast while going through pictures from the night before.

10:00 :: lesson planning for Sunday

11:00 :: listening to some music while reading blogs and doing some writing

12:00 :: Max is hungry. again.

1:00 :: went outside to check the mail. it was really cold.

2:00 :: making lots of phone calls.

3:00 :: got to the motel to find a little rehearsal and an upright bass in the diner.

4:00 :: songwriting necessities.

5:00 :: waiting for more dishes.

6:00 :: dinner prep.


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