Friday, May 1, 2015

around the web 1.5.2015

This was a fun but busy week! I made some chocolate chip cookies to send to my sister, and I still want to type up that recipe on here. It's from a 1980s version of the Betty Crocker cookbook. Of course I worked my usual shifts at the motel and taught my usual classes at the Y (new session = some new kids). I also got errands done and had appointments and I got to babysit my adorable cousin!

these little carrot cakes are so adorable! in fact, the whole website looks beautiful and delicious. there are quite a few gluten-free and vegan options and that basset hound logo is so cute!

I love this floral tattoo.

things like this get me every time. you would think that people would know by now not to ask people on the internet to Photoshop their photos for them.

a funny article about deep fried cheese curds, because yes, I am from Wisconsin.

this dress is so pretty, but I would love it so much more if the colors were flipped.

yes! I love Sevenly and have supported three campaigns for them. I would love to own this print, even though I have the shirt (and I wear it all the time - in fact I was wearing it the day I found this) and I have the little card that came with it on my fridge.

I was browsing Rent the Runway for the first time in ages, and there are some really cute new dresses on there! I'll probably end up renting one for my birthday again, just because it's fun. Maybe this one? I still have like three months though! (;

I breathed a sigh of relief when the results on this quiz said that I was from Pawnee.

I think we all know about my love for Seth Meyers by now, but it grew even more when I saw this clip on Hulu, after watching this one. Is that terrible? Because I would love to go out drinking with him and Amy Poehler.


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