Friday, May 29, 2015

around the web 29.5.2015

it's been another crazy busy week, but this one started with a nice day off. between both of my jobs, I work every day, even if it's just teaching one class, so it is so weird to me to have a day with nothing scheduled! a day off usually means that I go and take pictures somewhere. (:

I took this quiz on BuzzFeed and got the back of the neck because "they look super cool and you can hide back-of-the-neck tats under longer hair. Also, your soul is a bottle of bourbon, which means only the boldest tattoo will do."

it's a long time from Christmas, but I want to remember this clip from SNL31.

a faster way to tie your shoes, which I kind of want to try!

my favorite Really!?! on Weekend Update without Amy Poehler is with Kermit (: {clip here}

ModCloth picks of the week (:

this owl planter is adorable! ahhh this skirt! this is the greatest sleeping bag ever! these coasters are gorgeous. if I needed clothespins, these would be the ones I would use. this tank top isn't really a style that I would wear, but I love it, especially since the lace also has skulls in it!


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