Thursday, May 7, 2015

18/52 2015

I say this every week, but I can't believe that another week has gone by. And it's May already?! This week was more of the same working and planning for summer stuff, but I did take a little trip to Madison on Saturday to see some friends. (:

Thursday 30 April // day one hundred thirty :: Luna got waxed and cleaned the night before, and I couldn't get over how shiny she was! plus, look at how clean those wheels are! Brian is the greatest.

Friday 1 May // day one hundred thirty-one :: happy May!

Saturday 2 May // day one hundred thirty-two :: outfit of the day for a trip to Madison to see a friend!

Sunday 3 May // day one hundred thirty-three :: coloring because it's relaxing.

Monday 4 May // day one hundred thirty-four :: I bought this new candle from Target, and it smells like the Victoria's Secret PINK fragrance that is supposed to smell like whipped cream (I can't think of what it's called).

Tuesday 5 May // day one hundred thirty-five :: happy mail waiting to be sent!

Wednesday 6 May // day one hundred thirty-six :: I spent my afternoon working on moving photos to an external hard drive, and then I read a magazine and did some sudoku.


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