Thursday, May 28, 2015

21/52 2015

...and the craziness starts now! these next three weeks or so are just going to be super crazy, and then the summer is going to fly by! I don't want it to, but that's what's going to happen as it always does. I will try my best to slow down and enjoy as many moments as I can.

Thursday 21 May // day one hundred fifty-one :: new phone case. Frenchie love! (:

Friday 22 May // day one hundred fifty-two :: Luna at a blooming cherry orchard. {orchard photos here}

Saturday 23 May // day one hundred fifty-three :: one of my sweet friends was up for the weekend, and his mom just passed away, so he brought some things with him for his friends up here. I never got to meet her, as far as I can remember, but this little coin purse was hers. isn't it darling?

Sunday 24 May // day one hundred fifty-four :: it's really hard to take a picture of your shoes showing your socks.

Monday 25 May // day one hundred fifty-five :: I drove all the way up to the tip of the peninsula, and I only stopped in Ellison Bay to take some pictures at "Gus" Klenke Garage, which is an abandoned car garage. {more pictures here}

Tuesday 26 May // day one hundred fifty-six :: dentist appointment this morning!

Wednesday 27 May // day one hundred fifty-seven :: I can often be found sitting on the floor.


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