Friday, August 28, 2015

around the web :: 28.8.2015

I started this for last Friday, but then I forgot to finish it and post it... oh well, here it is now. (: clearly life has been busy and crazy. I can't believe the summer is almost over! (though it's still peak season here for another two months.)

I am so blessed to consider some amazing musicians to be a part of my family. Delaney Davidson was one of the first ones that I was introduced to, the summer that I turned sixteen. he's a traveling man based out of New Zealand, so I don't get to see him all that often, but it's always wonderful whenever I get to see him. Delaney shared this video for You Don't Want Me Around from his newest album (which comes out in a couple weeks) on Facebook, and it reminded me that I'm a few albums behind on his music! not only is he an incredible musician, but he also makes some really great visual decisions. this video is even more special for me (and my music family) since it contains footage of the second line parade for our dear Chris Aaron. {watch on YouTube here}

one of my favorite food bloggers to follow is Joy the Baker. even if her post for the day is something I would never eat, I look at it anyway because her photographs are so gorgeous. doesn't this decadent toasted marshmallow ice cream cake with salted caramel look amazing?

ha! I could definitely use some of these.

so these aren't all accurate for me, but a lot of them are!


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