Tuesday, August 4, 2015

the month by iPhone :: July 2015

if I was a little bit more on top of things, I would have had this one ready to go for yesterday morning. but it was Monday. is anyone ever ready when Monday rolls around? here's a peek into the crazy month that was July. I honestly don't understand how time can go by so fast. the summer is nearly over already!

so the caption on this photo may have been about how I wanted to throw these at the kids. yeah, it wasn't a great day.

happy mail from Social Print Studio! (: {what I got is pictured here}

Independence Day with my favorites - WiFEE and the HUZz Band!

I love this bag from Target!

three pictures from a lovely morning on the Chicago Fire Boat with the preschoolers. it was even better than every other time I've been on it!

I drove out to the quarry one Monday morning and took pictures of some limestone.

from that same morning, I of course had to drive a little further north to look at Chateau Hutter. this is my very favorite tree at the John A. Hutter Memorial Park across the street. I really keep my personal life pretty private and don't post a lot on Facebook, but I've been posting more lately, and this was something I posted there! I just really like this picture.

of course it would be cloudy and chilly when we took the kids to Quietwoods South for swimming and playing on the splash pad. at least there was no one else there!

one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish along with blue spaghetti in the sensory table!

guitars in love.

revived orchids.

 rainbow fish (:

 my favorite slide.


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  1. Love that unicorn bag!
    The Rainbow Fish was my favorite as a kid! I did a reading fair on that one when I was little and won second place. lol
    Aaand that slide is adorable. xD


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