Thursday, August 6, 2015

31/52 2015

not only is it August now, but it's birthday week!!! I'm still not 100% sure of my plans for this weekend (other than working and seeing my little sister!), but I'm hoping for it to be a happy adventure.

Target soy candle no 241 red velvet cupcake

Thursday 30 July // day two hundred twenty-one :: the candle I've been burning lately. it really smells just like a red velvet cupcake.

zulily infinity scarf skulls roses Leto Collection

Friday 31 July // day two hundred twenty-two :: newest scarf from zulily - skulls & roses!

Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday to You Terry Border Happy Birthday Cupcake Bob Shea Unicorn Thinks He's Pretty Great preschool children's picture books

Saturday 1 August // day two hundred twenty-three :: it's officially birthday month!!

Door County Sturgeon Bay weather storm clouds

Sunday 2 August // day two hundred twenty-four :: weather. and wow, did we end up getting quite the storm. we just had a lot of rain here in Sturgeon Bay, but up north, there were such bad storms that there were trees falling down and power outages!

Sturgeon Bay Door County Portage Park Lake Michigan

Monday 3 August // day two hundred twenty-five :: one of my favorite secret spots in Sturgeon Bay.

pat mAcdonald Begging His Graces Sunshine is Dangerous Gren Ville Susan Howe tribue SBSF

Tuesday 4 August // day two hundred twenty-six :: current favorite song.

Luna green Volkswagen Beetle limited edition

Wednesday 5 August // day two hundred twenty-seven :: two of the things that I needed to do included getting some sun to try to even out my skintone (I burned my chest a week ago, so now there's this awkward spot that is tanner than the rest) and painting my toenails and fingernails. I did it all at the same time (or at least tried to) in the parking lot of the quarry. I hope I entertained some of the people who drove by!


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