Thursday, August 27, 2015

34/52 2015

Somehow my day count was off by nine? So I had to go through Photos on my Mac to figure out what the actual day was for these pictures. I'm really confused as to how I was nine days ahead on my count.

Anyway! Here are some pictures from the past week. (:

Thursday 20 August // day two hundred thirty-three :: a little someone wouldn't leave her ring inside even though we suggested that it might get lost on the playground. {see also: LAST DAY of camp.}

Friday 21 August // day two hundred thirty-four :: I hope everyone knows that I was super excited for this book.

Saturday 22 August // day two hundred thirty-five :: decisions.

Sunday 23 August // day two hundred thirty-six :: party flags.

Monday 24 August // day two hundred thirty-seven :: I didn't need stamps, but I wanted them.

Tuesday 25 August // day two hundred thirty-eight :: newest jeans, oldest shoes, current read.

Wednesday 26 August // the third time in the past few days that I was "stuck" waiting on the bridge. I had my camera with me every time and got some pictures from different points each time.


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