Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fashion: Tops

I've said it before, and I'm sure that I will say it many, many more times. I love Target. Yesterday, after helping my parents out with some stuff for the business, I made my weekly trip to Target. I always check the sale ad that comes in the weekend paper, and this week they had one of my favorite items on sale! For 33% off!! :)

The long sleeve v-neck tee! They call it like the casual tee or something like that. I have this shirt in seven colors!

This is their v-neck pocket tee. I love these so much! I have seven of these too! haha.

Another wardrobe staple of mine from Target: the long & lean tank! I love these; I've got them in a bunch of different colors. I've tried the ribbed tank top from Old Navy as well, but I think that those are too bulky.

While we're on the topic of fashion, I figured that I would share my all-time favorite wardrobe staples. I shop at more stores than Target ;)

The only thing that I will ever purchase at Aeropostale is their basic cami. Love it!! I really want this one :)

I also love the tees at Old Navy. I really liked their classic v-neck tee. I'm not sure if they still make it though. This is their vintage-style v-neck tee. I have three of these, and I do like them, but I like the fit of their other one better. I've also tried their long sleeve v-neck tee, but I'm not a fan of the sleeve seams.

Noticing a trend? I prefer v-neck tees because I think that they are more flattering to my body type than a regular crew neck tee.

To layer on top of these shirts, I love cardigans! I have recently picked up two patterned v-neck cardigans from Target, and I also have a couple cardigans from Lands' End Canvas. I wear them open and completely unbuttoned haha.

My closet also contains a bunch of other tops from all over, and I'll share a few favorites that I can still find online, but most of the shirts in my closet are band tees or the like.

My dad picked up this shirt for me the last time he was in Denver. Definitely not something that I would have picked out for myself, but I love it!

I love the USC Trojans :) so when I saw this shirt on American Eagle's website, I had to buy it!!

As for outerwear, I got a red wool peacoat from Target in February on clearance! I don't remember how much it was, I want to say that it was $15, regularly $50? I love the clearance racks...yesterday I found a cheetah print skirt that I'll be watching ;)

I also have a black fleece peacoat from Lands' End. I love Target's pashminas! They were on sale for $12 last week so I picked up a grey one. I also have a light pink one that I got a few years back, and the other scarf that I love to wear is also from Target! It's a grey and black zebra print :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for bottoms and shoes! :)

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