Thursday, October 11, 2012

Things I Love Thursday: 11 October 2012

I figured I'd do a "Things I Love Thursday" feature weekly just to keep my brain going and because it's fun!! I should probably be doing my marketing homework right now...

1. found on tumblr; via frozenjars

2. the beautiful fall colors this week! we were at peak, but now the leaves are starting to fall off the trees :(

3. RentTheRunway: I just ordered my first dress, and I am super excited!!!

4. these awesome pumpkins that one of my co-workers painted! the two back ones are orange with black stripes/polka dots, and the three others are white with orange stripes/polka dots and black stripes.

5. Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies...omg yum!

6. listening to Halloween music (which I do all year, haha) in the fall; getting ready for my musicians to come home!!

7. the new vintage red table and cream colored chairs we got at work! they are so adorable!!!

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