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vivid memory

senior homecoming.

so I guess the school I go to is pretty small, compared to most other schools. there were probably about 115 of us in my graduating class. traditionally, during the beginning of your junior year, all juniors would vote for who was going to be on court for Sadie Hawkins and Prom {most popular 16 guys & girls, basically} that spring. in the fall, 8 guys and 8 girls who had played a sport all four years of high school {who weren't already on court for one of the other dances} would be chosen for Homecoming court. there weren't enough girls in our class who met that criteria, so some of the girls had played a sport for 1 to 3 years, others of us were chosen for another extracurricular. so that's how I ended up being on Homecoming for Yearbook! haha.

{disclaimer: I took some of the photos in this post, some were taken by my mom, others by other moms. the outside group shots were taken by Matt Orthober, and the inside group shots were taken by Jason Mann. all photos have been watermarked with my name because they are on my blog, not because I am taking credit for them. the photos and their rights belong to the individual photographer.}

{also, I hope no one gets mad that I posted these photos!}

So here's how Homecoming week went at my high school:

- each day has a dress up theme, such as "dress like a teacher" or "twin day." Friday is always red & white {our school colors} and most people will where their sports jersey/boyfriend's sports jersey/Homecoming shirt

- each day at lunch there is a contest, one of these was a cheese eating contest {hello, Wisconsin}

- Wednesday night is the Powderpuff football game, juniors vs. seniors

- Friday afternoon everyone gets out of class early when the band goes around school playing music, we all go to the gym for a pep rally, and then there is a parade around town, then there's a tailgating party and bonfire before the football game

- the dance is on Saturday night

there are lots of contests and such to win points for your class. these include the lunchtime contests {carstuffing and men's volleyball are popular}, dress up days, float decoration, other contests during the pep rally, etc. whichever class {or teachers} wins gets the spirit stick, which is presented during the pep rally. traditionally the seniors win.

our theme for the week was "Red Monster." the Homecoming shirts that you will see below have the Monster logo for that reason. Lincoln's mom went to the local distributor and got a bunch of Monster drinks and stickers donated for the dance!

my dress is from Deb, and the brand is City Triangles. the shoes I'm wearing are from Target. I still have both the dress and the shoes, and I actually wore the outfit for a Halloween party this year! haha. also, that tiara has been worn for two Halloweens and two birthdays now! definitely got my $19 out of it! (:

me & Destini in Sociology

me & Erin in Yearbook

me & Heather in Yearbook

being announced at the pep rally! me with my escort Christian

during the parade. yes, we are in boats! haha. I wore his cross country jacket that night. ps - my posters look super terrible.

me & Kelsey! after the parade, her mom got Subway for us, and we ate before heading over to the soccer game. since the game started during the parade, Kelsey and Destini were in a float together {their escorts were both on the soccer team}. the game was like a sectional or regional championship game and we won! this picture was taken at the bonfire.

Kelsey and I went across the street to school to help decorate the gym during the football game.

after everyone else showed up. I think this was something along the lines of "our muscles are bigger than Mr. Blizel's!" haha.

random group shot. Dylan, Katie, Kiana, Destini, Kelsey, me, & Cody

after we decorated the gym, we had to practice the grand march.

Katherine did my hair of course! (: this is when Max was still a baby (:


we all met up at Hunter's house to get our pictures taken, and then we went to a local supper club for dinner.

with my parents

Erin, me, & Heather. one of my favorite pictures with them! (:

Kelsey, me, & Destini {side note: I'm pretty sure that I was the only girl on court who wasn't wearing a necklace. haha}

group shot by Matt Orthober. Kyle, Meredith, Devon, Heather, Destini, Alex, Kelsey, Kyle, Kiana, Hunter, me, Christian, Katie, Dylan, Cody, Lincoln, Erin, Josh, Hannah, & Michael

the girls! {Matt Orthober photo} I'm pretty sure it was my idea to have the spirit stick for photos, and I think Kelsey's mom was the one who stole it for us! (:

Meredith, Kelsey, me, Kiana, Lincoln, Erin, Destini, Hannah, Heather, & Katie

group shot with the spirit stick by Matt Orthober. Devon, Meredith, Kyle, Kelsey, Dylan, Kyle, me, Alex, Kiana, Lincoln, Erin, Cody, Destini, Hunter, Christian, Hannah, Michael, Josh, Heather, & Katie

labeling these group shots reminds me of Yearbook. I should have labeled by rows, but I don't remember if it starts at the top or the bottom. oh well. I digress.

me & Christian. photo by Matt Orthober. I'm really bad at getting my picture taken, because I always blink! when Matt took my school picture for junior year, it took like ten times, no joke. of the four pictures that Matt took of us this night, this is the only one with my eyes open. oops.

after dinner, we went back to school for the dance, where we were like ten minutes late! haha.

I want to say that the grand march was at 11:30. we walked to "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz.

right before the grand march. photo by Jason Mann.

photo by Jason Mann


after crowning king and queen. photo by Jason Mann.

row 1: Cody & Erin, Katie & Devon
row 2: Michael & Lincoln, Hannah & Josh, Kelsey & Kyle
row 3: Christian & me, Alex & Destini, King Dylan & Queen Meredith, Kiana & Hunter, Heather & Kyle

we danced to Seal's "Kiss from a Rose."


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