Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chateau Hutter

{photos taken on Wednesday 14 August 2013}

I was driving home from up north on Wednesday, and while driving south on County Road B, I saw the sign for Chateau Hutter. The first time that I had heard of Chateau Hutter was back in November, and another one of my friends had mentioned it recently, so I did a y-turn and pulled into the gravel driveway.

Chateau Hutter is an abandoned waterfront resort between Egg Harbor and Sturgeon Bay. I tried to do some research about the place when I returned home, but the only thing I could find were some more pictures of the resort while it was abandoned, and three different court cases involving the resort.

it was so pretty out there, and I really like the pictures that I took, but I was pretty freaked out being out there alone, especially since I didn't seem to have any cell service.

the clouds were so perfect. I love when the sky is multiple shades of blue and the clouds are puffy and white!

I think that this property would be an awesome picture to take some portraits; I love the overgrown field.



  1. These pictures are beautiful!! And I love the way the resort was built. Too bad it's abandoned. Someone should open it back up!

  2. These pictures are really awesome! Chateau Hutter looks pretty spooky. I probably would've been freaking out if I didn't have cell service either. What if it wasn't really abandoned and someone jumped out of nowhere? Ah! Dramatic. Anyway, love your pics. Luna looks so cute.

  3. Saw your photos...this property belonged to my great uncle....there is a lot of controversy surrounding the ownership.

  4. Buildin is owned by a guy across the street who lives in the woods. He has a problem with vandalism and tourists taking things from the buildings

  5. Crazy seeing this beautiful property abandoned and sadly unappreciated! Love to read more about it from anyone who knows more!

  6. Youre lucky he didn't pull a gun on you.


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