Friday, August 9, 2013

Twenty While Twenty

today is my twentieth birthday! I have seen a lot of "twenty while twenty" lists {or something similar}, so I thought I'd make one too!

1. get my own place.
2. take a solo trip.
3. get another tattoo. {sorry, Mom}
4. graduate college with my associate's degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management.
5. try a new recipe to bring to Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.
6. create a Facebook fan page for my photography.
7. rename my blog & get a fresh design to go with it.
8. read twenty books.
9. blog at least twice a week.
10. buy a real leather belt. no more bad quality Target belts for daily wear.
11. bake a cake. {I've never baked a cake before, only cupcakes.}
12. send out one piece of real mail {package, letter, postcard, etc.} each month.
13. learn how to be more frugal. {and blog about my adventures along the way}
14. take better care of myself. {eat healthier, do yoga, etc.}
15. go to the spa to get a pedicure, massage, and/or facial.
16. learn how to apply makeup - maybe someone at Sephora would teach me?
17. start writing a book.
18. learn how to play one song on the guitar.
19. drive up north at least four times.
20. plan a fabulous party for my twenty-first! (:


1 comment:

  1. Happy birthday girl! Make that Facebook photography page, you won't be sorry!! :)


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