Friday, August 2, 2013

The Month By iPhone: July 2013

July certainly flew by! lots of up and down temperatures, lots of crazy work days, lots of crazy in general - but that's how I think I like it.

borrowed the Audi while Luna was getting some rust was an interesting two days

when I went to pick up my Beetle, there was a beetle near the passenger door!

Max has been watching an adorable baby bunny with teeny tiny ears while it eats weeds in the garden

parked next to this super cute car! (: I love Union Jack details on Minis!

I left work one night right around 9 pm, just after a storm. the sky from the other direction was very cloudy and dark.

my mom went to the Vera Bradley Fall 2013 launch at my local retailer & a local restaurant, and they gave her this tumbler, and she brought me a cupcake (:

colors - mugs at work

isn't this the cutest lawn chair ever?

OPI Casino Royale + Door County cherries

flowers in my dad's office

Big Lots! has the most random products {ps the mallow bits were $0.33 each}

cloud love

eight different rolls of masking tape...really?


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