Tuesday, September 17, 2013

oh, memories.

Tuesday 17 September :: a memory you would love to relive

{I don't like to talk about this night online, as it brings back sad memories. names have not been shared to protect the innocent - and the guilty.}

oh, how I wish I had a picture of myself from that night. I remember the exact outfit that I was wearing that Sunday: a light aqua v-neck tee from Old Navy, with a turquoise tank top from Target underneath, paired with dark wash American Eagle Favorite Boyfriend jeans, and a pair of cheetah print kitten heels from Target.

I was so happy. So, so happy and giddy and excited.

I had to work that afternoon, but I was getting off just in time to attend a concert.

I was so excited to see the man, and to get to see him perform. my happiest part of the day was preparing for his arrival, and of course when he arrived. I remember not being shy and asking "Do I get a hug?"

the rest of my shift leading up to the concert was a happy blur of my regular duties and running upstairs to ask stupid questions.

I remember purchasing a shirt and a cd before the concert. I still have the $5 I got in change from him. it sits in my top dresser drawer, and maybe someday I would love to give it back to him.

I remember walking up the stairs before the concert with my friends, knowing that we already had reserved front row seats, and I remember one of my friends commenting on how giddy I was.

the concert flew by, and I don't really remember a whole lot of important details, like which songs he played.

after the concert, I said bye, and I remember being so excited that he pulled me in for another hug and some sweet words.

as I was leaving, I got to say goodbye one last time, not knowing that that would be the last time for a long time {nearly two a and a half years so far, but who's counting?} that I would see him.

I just want to bottle up the happiness from that night.


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