Monday, September 16, 2013

unromantic love letter

{from Thursday night. more photos coming soon!!}

dear beard two,

you don't know it, but that's your code name.

you mean a lot to me.

about a year and a half passed between the first time that we met and the next time that I talked to you. yet again, that wonderful place where I work is what brought me this friendship.

I vaguely remember meeting you that October, but I remember a lot of great things since "re-meeting" you (if that makes any sense) a year and a half ago. you are quite the gentleman. the fact that you take the time to make me feel special has made my day on more than one occasion. and when you randomly come up to me for a hug? theeee best.

anyway, what I really wanted to say is this: thank you so much for your kind words outside the bar a week and a half ago. I was thinking about those things that you said on Thursday night while I was out taking pictures, and I just want you to know that those words meant so much to me.

I don't think you'll ever know how much you mean to me. you're incredible, and you literally and metaphorically rock. never stop being you.

I love you.



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