Monday, September 2, 2013

The Month by iPhone: August 2013

ah, August. you were good. you were bad. you were filled with many memories and some square photos.

there are always pretty flowers in my dad's office

{part of an} obstacle course for my tumbling class! class got cancelled that night, though, since only one of the five showed up. oh well.

new jeans! I love how AE put the care instructions on the inside of the pocket.

little Luna

Forever Young nail polish at VS Pink!

waitin' for the bridge, waitin' for the bridge, waitin' for the bridge!

red velvet birthday cake (:

birthday sunflowers from my favorites (:

Rev. Rob was the first to get a tattoo in Billy's honor

3 little ladies + instruments + luau music + running in circles = lots of giggles

last Tuesday of camp! we made Rice Krispies treats, and this is what my car looked like beforehand haha.

topped with sprinkles, of course!

thumbprint mice mug - love!

orchid. I would have to say that this is one of my favorite flowers.

adorable skeleton shaker at work. it makes the most horrific high-pitched noise though.


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